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  1. I just got a mesh body and someone made an applier that put on the skin I was using on the default SL body. Some people CAN see my skin normally but most people see GREY skin. It's not loading for most people and I don't know how to fix it. I need help. Is this a viewer issue? We discovered that the people that CAN'T see my skin are using the updated version of the Firestorm viewer. I'm so upset that most people can't see my skin :(
  2. I'm freaking out and I don't know what to do. I submitted two tickets already but I need to know if I can fix this I'm so desperate. I'm hoping this is a temporary glitch or something but it's starting not to look like that. I updated my game and when I got back on, I noticed my AO wasn't working. I'm using the built in AO in the Firestorm viewer. I bought all the animations slowly over time and it was a lot of money saved. They are ALL gone. Along with all my animations in general. I noticed ALL my outfits are empty folders and so is over half my inventory. PLEASE help me. I can't afford to fix the damage. I hope I can get everything back. I don't know why this is happening. Edit: I already reset all Caches and everything is STILL gone. I'm freaking out. Pls help.
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    When using chat, I can't use the /me.. when I type it, nothing appears. None of my friends know what the deal is either.... How can I make this work?? Yes I do write it correctly. /me whatever I want. It DOES work in IM's.. just not public chat. :(
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