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  1. On 10/17/2021 at 4:35 PM, Quarrel Kukulcan said:

    Local textures also live-update, which is a great time-saver. You only have to save a new version on your hard drive and the change propagates into SL automatically.

    How can I turn live update on?

  2. Fairly often, I need a plain, colored texture for something. I just make one and upload it. It occurred to me that tens of thousands of us must be doing that. Is there an in-world repository somewhere, where people deposit them for other people to get free copies? That would make better sense than all of us paying to upload one every time we need one. If there is no such repository, we should start one, or, perhaps, sell packs of them for L$0 on Marketplace.

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  3. For years, I have read in the forums about how use of large textures causes more lag, and about how common it is for people to use large ones when smaller ones would work as well. Recently, I was thinking about this, and it occurred to me that the is no direct incentive to not do that. Many uploaders don't know how large a texture they need, and don't want to take the trouble to figure it out, so I think they just upload a 1024x1024 to be safe, since it costs the same.

    Generally, people respond to incentives. I don't know how much it would help, but I'll bet it would help if there were a significant difference in cost, something like this:

    1024x1024     L$64
    512x512         L$32
    256x256         L$16
    128x128         L$8
    64x64             L$4
    32x32             L$2


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  4. Could incentives help? If avatars are the main resource hogs, which is certainly supported by everyday experience, could incentives to reduce their impact induce content creators to produce lower-impact content?

    Currently, the limit on avatars in a region is a fixed number (except for the few extra premium members that can enter full regions). If that number were variable and were based on the impact of the avatars, it would some amount of incentive to lower it.

    Or, could the server penalize high-impact avatars by discarding some amount of detail, with, perhaps, more liberal limits for premium accounts? Maybe if my impact was too high, the server would substitute a plain texture for my skin? THAT, would sure get my attention!

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  5. 16 minutes ago, animats said:

    SL, though, has to optimize meshes without textures. It doesn't know where the texture detail is. That's a problem.

    So, why can't LL (compulsorily) optimize meshes after textures are applied?

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  6. Under the TOS, LL can do whatever it wants with everything that is uploaded. To this non-techie, it seems like it would be possible to devise algorithms and, therefore, write code to optimize content. I wouldn't expect it to do as well as a skilled human being, but surely it could make badly-designed content better. Why can't this be done?

    Also, couldn't code identify really bad content and the server just reject it? Just because it was good enough 20 years ago doesn't mean it's good enough now.

    We need better performance, and if some old or badly-made content has to go for us to get it, so be it.

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  7. This thread prompted me to try an experiment.

    First, my system:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16-Core Processor  (3493.49 MHz)
    Memory: 130946 MB
    Concurrency: 32
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 19043.1237)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
    Graphics Card Memory: 11264 MB


    I wanted to first determine what my system's maximum fps was, and how it would decrease with changes in settings. I was using the latest version of Firestorm.I wore only the four required avatar components plus a full-body alpha. I placed myself at 128, 128, 3900 in a Linden water sim that had no other avatars in it and contained no content other than Linden and Mole-created objects (aquatic plants).

    I set all graphics settings the the minimum possible values. I set the resolution to 800x600, and the draw distance to 4 m. The fps was 167, so that must be my maximum possible fps. First, I progressively increased resolution. At 1280x1024, fps was 150; at 1920x1080, 137; and at 3840x2160, 135. The I started progressively doubling draw distance; at 8 m, fps was 137; at 16, 133; at 32, 135; at 64, 140; at 128, 135; at 256, 127; at 315, 115; at 1024, 99.

    Then I set the draw distance to 128. I put on a normal outfit, with avatar complexity about 70,000. The fps was 52, dramatically less. My avatar was NOT in my field of view.

    Observations: With lowest graphics settings and essentially nothing to render, there is a modest decrease in frame rate as resolution is increased. Why?

    Even though I was at 4000 m in an empty sim with lowest graphics settings, there was a significant decrease in fps with increased draw distance. Why?

    Even though graphics settings were lowest, and my avatar was not visible to me, there was a drastic decrease in frame rate when I put on a normal avatar instead of the minimal, invisible one. Why? It just seems crazy that something that isn't being rendered would have that effect. Doesn't that have to be poor design?


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  8. 7 hours ago, Profaitchikenz Haiku said:

    I've been watching this on a couple of my machines wondering if an SSD would speed things up. However, I think it's more to do with the time it takes for the region to send your viewer the detail of the objects and their textures, and then your viewer has to look through the cache to see if it has that texture. A couple of people have pointed out that sometimes having a completely empty cache results in a faster population process than having things already cached there.

    In another thread, Henri has pointed out that having the cache on an SSD might shorten it's life because of the number of writes: each time a texture is fetched from cache it's last access time is updated, this means writing back to the SSD, which involves he full strip of the filing system containing that data, so I'm currently sticking to metal oxide caches.

    Actually, I doubt having it on the SSD helps. A few years ago, I tried putting the SL program folder, cache, and data files on a ramdrive, and it did not appreciably help performance.

    I think that technical progress will make my SSDs ripe for replacement by the time they wear out.

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  9. I have had the sane large house since 2012. I am continually tweaking it, and always will be. It  is one of the joys of my SL. I have had a number of roommates over the years. I never charged rent, but some did contribute furnishings. One of my current roommates is my BF, and the other is just a friend.

    If you love the house, buy it. I'll bet you won't be sorry, and you will find uses for all the space.

    Feel free to visit my house. It's in Danim. You can't miss it.

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  10. ChinRey, what was your monitor resolution? Some months ago, I did some tests. I found that the only variables under my control that affected fps were monitor resolution, draw distance, and shadows on/off. I found 1920x1080(HD), to be my best tradeoff, even though I have a 4K monitor. That was with an RTX 2080Ti graphics adapter and a 16-core CPU.

    I, like you, am frustrated by SL's poor performance. I bought my current computer, a custom build, chiefly to get better SL performance, and I didn't.

    Like you, when I am in a sim where I spend much time (so that textures should be in my maximum-size-permitted cache, which is on an SSD), I sometimes watch gray patches for a long time before textures load, yet nether my CPU no my graphics adapter is under much load at all.


  11. Solar Legion

    • Solar Legion

    There is no legitimate reason - ever - to have your Draw Distance set that high. That is the size of four Regions.

    That setting should not ever be allowed beyond 512 Meters at most with the average user never needing to go beyond the size of an entire Region.

    Yes, there is. When flying, it is very helpful to be able to see the enormous distance of one km ahead. It really helps one to maneuver around obstacles.

    (I don't know why the forum quote didn't work.)

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  12. After I pasted above, I wondered if I would cast a normal shadow. (I normally keep shadows turned off because of the significant hit to fps from them, but turn them on for photography sometimes.)


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  13. Many of us are much less inhibited in our second lives than our real lives by societal expectations, particularly about sexual behavior and particularly for women. There could be quite significant repercussions professionally and socially if some of our SL behaviors were linked to our real-life identities. In addition, stalkers could be a threat, and there is the risk of being targeted by scammers, some of whom are very clever about using fragments of personal information to defraud people.

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  14. 14 hours ago, Rowan Amore said:

    This thread may help.


    Since my last post on that thread, I have further refined my approach, and it works well now. I do not wear the Maitreya body, only a tattoo layer with a semi-transparent texture applied to all three parts. It is necessary to unhide all parts of the body before removing it for this to work as expected; otherwise the parts that were hidden when the body was taken off will be hidden and cannot be unhidden until the body is worn. I now use a black semi-transparent texture instead of a white one; I just like the appearance better. Here's a pic:




    You definitely want to use separate copies of your body and head for this.

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  15. I read this whole thread with astonishment. It seems that people are horrified by the idea of a 13-year-old-appearing avatar with developed secondary sex characteristics. What is wrong with you people?

    In Real Life, the majority of 13 year olds have developed secondary sex characteristics. The majority of 13 year old girls in RL have pubic hair, have developed breasts, and are having menstrual periods.

    So 13-year-old avatars cannot be realistic depictions of RL 13 year olds?

  16. Let me add a note of caution. You will be able to revert to a former avatar only if you keep unaltered copies of all the components and can remember what components comprised it. The best way, IMHO, is to make an outfit, or, more foolproof, put all of the components in a folder with a memorable name. Then, if you plan to wear any of the original components with the new avatar, make copies to use, and never use the originals.

  17. I wanted to make some transparent signs with numbers. It occurred to me that I could put all the numbers on one 1024 x 1024 texture and display a small part of it on each sign instead of uploading a separate texture each sign. However, I wondered if displaying parts of a larger texture consumes more resources from the server or viewer than using smaller textures. Or maybe less because only one texture is involved? Here's the texture I used:1215737453_Apt_Nos.1-12-Nolines.thumb.png.94d22a88acef2395f251831826d12b1a.png

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