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  1. @ Decro Maybe you should be glad that the rest of the "dinosaurs" had patience, and didn't leave SL right away when the pest... ehmm... I mean Viewer 2.0 was introduced! Yeah, you are really "Avant Garde", aren't you? But how would you feel if you look around and find only TEN other rezidents online who are "gratefull" and "state of the art" like you are? I'm more than 4 years old by now and I've been online almost every day since I was created, and I'm a premium member for more than 3 years. But ever since LL came up with that dreaded V2 interface, I've been fighting for my survival! I've
  2. Ok, I didn't read all those 158 comments so far, but I still have a little issue... First, the plus (I write this so the folks from the Lab get a positive feedback once in a while...) My concerns about "My Notices" turned out to be addressed. I only didn't see my notices because I wasn't logged in here in this blog. Ehm... do I have to log in to the blog every time I want to check my notices? Well, I suppose to be logged with viewer 2 will override this procedure. Since I'm using Phoenix and don't intend to use viewer 2, unless I'm forced to use it (a case that might cause me to cancel my pr
  3. The discussion of privacy settings has unfortunately distracted almost everybody from other concerns. For years, I wrote notices into profiles. These remarks serve as a sort of long range memory, telling me what kind of experience I had when I met the profile owner, when and where we met, and many more things. Erasing these notices by dropping in-world profiles would sort of lobotomise me, if you get my meaning. In-world profiles were a very useful tool in general, while these new web-based profiles look quite pointless to me.
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