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  1. Hi...I require the assistance of a builder to help with a display area with banners and boards for a brand relaunch. Its not something I’ve done before so looking for someone affordable with a good amount of knowledge that would like to help out and maybe even teach me with parts of it. I am contactable in world (Ksenia Jovinavic)- please send a NC and or kseniajovinavic@yahoo.co.uk. PROJECT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED: November 13th
  2. Hi, I have a small building project I’ve been tasked with but unable to do myself or without assistance of some sort and was wondering if there were affordable builders for hire or if anyone here might be interested? For more details on the project I can be reached InWorld (Ksenia Jovinavic) or via my email kseniajovinavic@yahoo.co.uk
  3. If you do it again, and want someone to redecorate, let me know! I would love to ...I'm looking for new projects since I've finished decorating my place! Also if you want to see my place to get a sense of my aesthetic, drop me an IM inworld
  4. Hi, I would love to be involved in this or any future projects you might have lined up!
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