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  1. Is 'Adult Content' restricted to Images or do we have to set ground rules about user interaction, (Ie, Adult role play and attachments)
  2. Ah ok, that makes sense, the club (compared to some i know) isnt a 3D porn site, as such, just obviously a place for adult residents to hang out and party, But as anybody know teenagers with access to the net' will try to fake these settings to access 'adult content' and as far as i know its just my/our responsibility to ban and report it as soon as we catch wind of the information regarding X resident.
  3. Hey, me and a friend have got a club running on SL, and since Teengrid has been closed and Minors are now alloed on the main grid, we're a bit concerned with content issues.. Theres an option in land settings to enable only age verified residents in, but we are un clear what 'requirement' this condition needs to allow a resident access. For example, A friend of mine is not Age verified, but has Payment info on file and thus can gain access, friend of mine who have neither that i knwo of but have been in an adult sim are unable to access our parcel with said option enabled, and also, a alt account of mine has neither but can get in the parcel, becuse i added him tot he allow access list. So my question really is, whats the difference, and what is required to access an Adult sim, and an 'Age Verified Pacle'?
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