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  1. Yes I have noticed even in the past few weeks a change in the way variance works, it creates some very effective swirly mist now with the right settings.
  2. I have been busy testing out the new EEP using the Beta Firestorm with EEP, and also the Second Life Viewer with EEP. I have specifically been in the past few days looking at replacement astronomical graphics for the Sun and Moon to create a range of alternative looks. I have tested making new sky files, importing PNG alpha masked color graphic files of the recommended dimensions, applying the imported graphics to sky files, switching between sky files and checking out the appearance between viewer apps. And finally I have uploaded some replacement Sun and Moon graphics and sky files to Marke
  3. I'm not sure what you mean, can you add a screen cap of the old Firestorm window that has the settings parameters you refer to, here are the old Firestorm Windlight and new Beta EEP settings windows that I have been using. Phototools and other Firestorm popup windows look the same to me.
  4. Is it not easy to take any sky file and change all the parameters to create a new look? Apart from the different way they look in the viewer (which is up to LL to address), all the sliders and options are still there?
  5. Is the EEP Firestorm pic with the closest you can make EEP match to Windlight, or with the same setting copied over?
  6. Thanks, I knew of bug tracking, but as this was not a bug it baffled me
  7. There is a balancing act between all the sliders to get clouds showing well in your imported Windlights. You need to go to inventory and double click on the sky file to open the full editor pop up with all the controls.
  8. Hi all, does anyone know how I would ask Linden Labs to add a new category in Marketplace for EEP content? There is nowhere at present that fits so "Everything Else" is the default. LL says that one of their motivations for changing from Windlight to EEP was to bring all the content such as Windlight settings and replacement Sun, Moon and cloud textures within inventory, yet they have not added a category to Marketplace so this content can be shared, searched for and found more easily.
  9. Gee, I would have thought some sort of script automated process could sort that out. Don't they do that sort of thing for their updates already?
  10. Yes they are working on it. Overall, the sun is still darker so cranking up the overall ambient light is a requirement. I await the integration into Firestorm of EEP, to see how they implement things.
  11. I will be happy with the new implementation if the bugs are ironed out and the skies can look as good if not better than they did before. They do seem to lack depth at present. Is the code behind how they look a complete rewrite? If is the same as before, then whey do the skies look so different comparing Windlight with EEP?
  12. This is a sky I was working on in EEP this morning. Has anyone else experienced the odd white glow thing on the top right side when view angle is widened?
  13. I have been in communication with Dan Linden about EEP: Hi Dan, I am sending the texture that I used with Firestorm viewer (which was originally a 4096x4096 TGA). For my EEP trial I have reduced the file size to 1024x024 TGA to comply with what seems to be the latest viewer input limit, and I have substantially reduced the dynamic range to remove the brighter areas. The result in EEP requires a lot of tweaking to look any good, and I am unable to achieve anywhere near the results I can in Firestorm in terms of looking passably naturalistic, but some of that will be due to the reduced
  14. Thanks, I have raised my issues. Please have a look and see if it makes sense to you. Thanks. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228981
  15. Hi all, I have been playing with EEP in the current standard SL viewer, starting with one of the TOR settings. I have ben trying one of my cloud textures I made for Windlight imported as 2048x2048 TGA. I can get some modicum of success with it but nowhere near the control over the look and feel of the sky compared to the old way things worked. The sun no longer seems to interact as well with the clouds, the cloud textures no longer seem to have internal shadowing when they are made denser, or colour changes affected by the sun - especially when the sun is low to the horizon. Maybe it is just
  16. Several years late in my reply but the answer as Madelaine says is YES with some reservations. I have been using my MacBook Air with the Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU for six months or so with Firestorm viewer. It can run with all graphics setting maxed out and even with shadows set to 4, but the frame rate will plunge in a graphics heavy sim. OK for high res photos. For normal getting about in a sim, I dial down to custom graphics settings that gives me between 15-20 fps in most sims, and still provides an enjoyable visual experience. The cooling fan is working overtime all the time however
  17. I was looking for Skye Neist Point which DOES exist, yet searching for "SKYE NEIST POINT" in the maps.secondlife does not find that sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skye Neist Point/203/33/22/ What gives with the maps database, is it buggy? If I had a sim for business and the name did not show up in search results I would be rather peeved... There are a heap of destinations I find through Flickr images with vague location info and many times I cannot find them using maps.secondlife when they probably do exist. Does anyone who works for LL see these, or can somebody m
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