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  1. 3 hours ago, Rosie Gray said:

    We've been doing a bit of experimentation on the Confederation of Democratic Simulator sims with the new settings. Having a puzzle trying to figure out how to get rid of an unwanted rainbow at sunup and sundown.  The weather is meant to be overcast.   There is no Moon or Sun image in the settings and the color of both these components is the same as the gloomy sky.  Still, we end up with a rainbow.  Any ideas on how to be rid of it?


    where did that come from.png

    There is a setting for amount of water vapour or moisture in the atmosphere. Here you got this set to zero?  Whirly explains it better :)

  2. 1 hour ago, rhonin Nissondorf said:

    random idea,  i replaced the sun with a star field i did a quick cut out of and enlarged it to max,   just a rough draft. but the idea has promise and i just need to move it around so its in the back ground for photos.

    beach cuddle_112.png

    There is a lot of scope for interesting skies. The only real limit is the tiny file size for the replacement Sun graphic of 1024x1024 pixels...  If you start with a much higher resolution image and make it 300 DPI and then reduce it to 1024x1024 in Photoshop or similar app you will get the best results.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Neural Blankes said:

    Ok, so, I'm a couple years late to the EEP party, but this is the feedback thread, so here's mine:

    I'm sure there are a lot of great suggestions on what could be done to improve this, but for me the biggest one that jumped out at me was the differences between the sun and moon as objects.
    I would propose that the sun/moon objects be changed to be identical in their properties and limits.   This would allow for binary star system scenes (which I'm positive have already been mentioned), and it would also allow for proper lighting when doing scenes such as the following, where the secondary moon is substantially dimmer on the sun facing edge that it would be in a realistic situation: 

    2020-12-19 Eclipse_002 1024.jpg

    There is a known glitch that makes the moon graphic appear a lot dimmer than the sun graphic. This bug was recently introduced as it was not apparent in the Firestorm  EEP Beta, but is now a problem in the Second Life Viewer and the Firestorm viewer, and I guess all the other viewers as well using the Linden Labs code.

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  4. 3 hours ago, rhonin Nissondorf said:

    So far i am liking the sharable asset aspect of it and  the   personal lighting controls.  i haven't seen anyone bring it up yet. But the clouds are sort of milky and lack any real fine tuning color wise or visibility.   I'd feel making the clouds and night sky more attractive /customizable would add alot of value to EEP.  Not sure what all that would entail. just would be worth the effort.

       I"m having fun so far with playing around with different textures for sun and effects , 


    i made a night sky  but i had to use the sun as a moon for me to get any good results



    side affect of my golden dawn eep asset


    Cool replacement sun.  There is a bug with the moon at present and you figured out the best way to work around the issue of it being too dim.  The rainbow shows upside down as well, and this is also a known bug they have not gotten around to fixing yet.

    It is possible to get good cloud effects, but it takes a lot of work. Check out some of my results here:


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  5. 4 hours ago, monyhara said:

    so i have finally figured out how to bring my windlights into SL, which to be honest is pretty much a pain as you can only do one by one. will there be the possibility to allow to bring more windlights into SL at one time, like a bulk uploader? and the second question i have, once i got my windlight uploaded, how do i apply it to actually use it for photography, i have tried the loading and attached and all the things i can think of, which does not give me the windlight i have uploaded, ie: Satomy and battlescars .

    Thank you in advance ♥

    Just uploading the Windlight may not produce the results that you want. EEP has altered the way a lot of the parameters for atmosphere and sun interact with each other. With some fiddling I have managed to get most of mine to transfer across, but only with a lot of effort. Some I have just not been able to reproduce successfully in EEP at all.

  6. On 12/14/2020 at 3:23 PM, Mari Moonbeam said:

    EEP- I get it some people will spend all their time on one thing. But for the majority of people I'd venture bright day, medium day, night and a few fancy settings for photos and they're good.

    But to force more screens and choices on       everyone      doesn't make sense to me. It is a complicated screen hogging mess. Turbo tax is easier.

    Just nuke the moon if it is in the way, open sun and moon panel and select none  for texture for the horizon hugging cheese ball. Buh bye brie!  Catch ya later cheddar! Get outta here Gouda!


    ok, I'll stop

    Just get new EEP skies somebody else has created. One click and you have them running...

  7. 1 hour ago, monyhara said:

    Thank you kindly, but does that mean i cannot use any of my windlights i bought previously?

    Windlights that you previously bought can all be converted with a little patience. If you bought them in Marketplace, then the vendor may have converted them for you and be offering them in their store for sale. Anyone who has taken the time to learn how best to use EEP and who has converted customised Windlights to EEP skies is a patient person...

  8. 6 hours ago, amberstarfield said:

    So, I updated FS yesterday and have been trying to learn about this EEP stuff since I no longer have windlight... 

    I don't care anything about day cycles and all that fancy garbage. I just want a good looking moon and night sky.

    I managed to make a decent sky and have a good moon texture, but can't figure out how to always have the moon showing in the sky. When I apply my sky settings, it appears suck on day and I ended up setting the sun texture to moon, but it doesn't really glow.

    Any help would be appreciated. 

    You can set preferences so that when the viewer app is relaunched, the previous sky settings are carried over.  The Moon is currently broken in that it appears very dim near the horizon, so any Sun or Moon graphic is best applied to the Sun.  If you make changes to your sky, you have to save it and then select that sky to be showing. If you do not select it after exiting the sky editor popup, then it will just revert to the previous default sky.  Counter intuitive I know.

  9. 2 hours ago, Chic Aeon said:

    My only other comment after reading these current comments is that I never heard anyone from Linden Lab say that EEP was a NECESSITY in order to move forward technologically.  At the beginning it was all about making assets people could sell on the Marketplace and creating complex interactive weather that could work with experiences and the like. That could still happen of course; there just needs to be a few folks who are enthusiastic about doing the work. 

    I must say, that having made a bunch of new skies with custom cloud textures, you can achieve quite a lot with EEP that was not possible previously. The ability to switch to different cloud texture skies whilst the app is running, and have all the required files in inventory and not on your own computer is a huge improvement. I cannot speak for why they so radically changed so many of the parameters during this process, obviously people decided that it was necessary.  They should have had a transition team dealing with all the average user issues associated with the change to make it a much smoother process.

    I have not even looked at day cycles yet, as I have been awaiting the much more stable implementation of all the parameters. I note (as mentioned in my earlier post today) that the Moon is currently misbehaving and appearing very dim. There is a workaround in using the Sun in lieu of the Moon and plopping a Moon graphic there...

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  10. I notice there is a newly introduced bug that affects the Moon. It now appears very dim near the horizon no matter what atmospheric settings are applied.  There is an existing bug report, so I shall not raise it again, unless someone in the know recommends that I do.


    Attached graphic shows a full Moon at max brightness setting. You can see from the interface moon controls graphic that it should be much brighter.

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  11. I went through this issue a few months back when I imported a few hundred WL settings to EEP. Many of them required substantially different settings. In the end I got close with most of them. There is no shortcut way to do it. If you persevere with trying to get the look you want you will get there. Sometimes, counter intuitive quite different settings are needed. I reported my issues to Linden Labs.

  12. I recently had a customer purchase a product which when delivered should have been a folder full of items and a notecard. The customer only received the notecard in the folder. I recommended they redeliver and the same problem occurred for them. I confirmed they had paid and I had received a transaction record. In the end I manually shared the folder to them, after testing delivery myself without issues.  Is this a rare event?  What might have caused the problem?  I have not had such an issue before.

  13. 41 minutes ago, KjartanEno said:

    @Stevie Davros, I think you are 100% correct. It's not the shine that's broken, it's the preset.

    Yep, I have been making a large number of sky files and I have figured out settings that minimise a lot of the issues and produce really nice results for what I am trying to achieve. Dropping back to a default settings really makes things look rather blah...

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  14. 2 hours ago, arton Rotaru said:

    Well, at this current state, it's totally out of question that it breaks a lot of content. You will always find some materials, which have a rather settle shine anyway, where the differences are rather subtle. Everything else is completely blown out right now.


    Is it possible to amend the default sunset to achieve the same look as non-EEP?  Could it be the settings for default sunset that are part of the problem?

  15. 28 minutes ago, Henri Beauchamp said:

    I strive to stay on par with LL's latest (often not even yet released) changes, and every modification to the EE renderer gets backported in the Cool VL Viewer (and with weekly releases, the changes in LL's git appear only a few days later in the next Cool VL Viewer release); that's why you see different results in the EE renderer of my viewer when compared with other viewers with a slower release rate.

    This said, as I already wrote in this thread, EEP (P for ”project”, and it will stay as such (i.e. not of actual release quality) for a loooong time, I'm afraid) has been ”released” way too soon by LL. Not only does it break existing contents, but it is a performance killer (thus why I implemented the dual-renderer feature in my viewer: people not caring about pretty skies shall not suffer a 50% performances loss because of EEP !).

    From what I have seen in the past few weeks the performance hit is not that drastic for EEP over Windlight. It is about the settings you have on in your viewer. In Windlight I get down to 5fps if I max out all graphics settings, In EEP I get 50fps if I lower all the graphics settings to bare bones...  Has anyone doe a forensic study of the differences with all settings and compiled a report?

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  16. 2 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    Just trying to figure out what is going on "now".  "Now" seems to change a lot :D.   

    I was floundering until I realised that so much had changed in the way it all interacts in EEP vs Windlight. Many of my EEP settings from old Windlight are radically different to try and achieve the same result. And the counter-intuitive way the colours all interact. Colour choices are as important as the atmosphere settings to get the desired look... :)

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