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  1. I agree Anne, I also have noticed when you set the Glow Focus to negative to provide sky backlighting away from the Sun, then the position of the Sun goes unnaturally dark, which in real life does not happen. The Sun glow should decrease so that there in no discernible disk showing, but not darken beyond that. I shall post a bug report on this. It has major impacts on the sky lighting affecting way more than just the clouds.
  2. The Sun is still below the horizon. Try clicking the E and N arrows until it just peeps above the horizon and the little yellow sun light up bright, like the moon is on the right side. If you are after a pre-dawn glow, you need to move the Glow Focus slider across to the left into negative territory and reduce the Glow Size to about 1.80.
  3. I agree that would be marvellous, but it would require implementation of something like Stellarium app into SL. Here I added a Milky Way graphic into Firestorm EEP Beta at the maximum allowed size of 1024x1024 onto the Sun and sized it just to fit the screen dimensions for a snap. It is fuzzy and not practical, unless you use SL on a smartphone. To add in a heap more tiles to cover the entire sky as graphic files would require even at this fuzzy resolution maybe 50 or more tiles. I shrank it to a smaller size and it looks more reasonable, but then to cover the sky you would need hundreds of tiles... So the only way they could implement it would be using code to emulate it, rather than image graphics. Even Stellarium app makes the Milky Way look somewhat fuzzy, because they use a graphic for the Milky Way and rendered stars... Given all the other issues they are trying to resolve I would would give this zero chance of being considered. Maybe this gives a hint: http://www.ianww.com/blog/2014/02/17/making-a-skydome-in-three-dot-js/
  4. Highly unlikely. I have been making texture files for clouds for a while now for Firestorm with Windlight. When they were locally hosted graphics files, the size I was using was 4096x4096 pixels which provided good detail when stretched across the entire sky dome. Now with EEP the upload file size limit is 1024x1024 pixels. 1 megapixel when stretched across the entire sky is very low resolution. Clouds are acceptable looking at a pinch with the right settings, but stars would just look like fuzzy blobs if you tried to use a starscape image. The current new stars are quite nice IMO, but they are procedurally generated and not a graphic, which is why they are sharp little dots. I have been making some eclectic things to place in the sky with EEP, check out what I have been up to here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/204498 My latest is figuring a way to use the new variance setting to show a pseudo aurora in the night sky...
  5. I have thought this through a bit more and looking at the Firestorm Beta (also the same in LL EEP Viewer), all you have to do is click Personal Lighting open, and drag the sun position ball around to put the sun and shadows anywhere you like, and change sky colours. Once you are used to it, it takes a few seconds to achieve the same as the old slider.
  6. I agree. Perhaps this needs to be submitted as an enhancement request officially, if it has not already.
  7. Using Firestorm EEP Beta, I have imported one of my custom cloud texture files and a selection of Windlight files and they seem to be working a lot better than when I tried 5 weeks ago. I am now finding my imported windlights to look quite similar to how they appear back in standard Firestorm. There are still some issues, but I am less concerned than I was. I have noticed one very odd thing, as I pan left and right in mouse look the sea can suddenly change from quite dark to very light. This seems to be in relationship with the sun position and seems more obvious when the sun is close to the horizon. Has anyone else experienced this issue? A few quick screen caps of my cloud tests:
  8. I just filed a bug report re white-out flare in top right of the sky when a wide FOV is being used. I could not find this bug as previously reported, which seems odd as it is so obvious and easily reproducible... This affects both SL Viewer and Firestorm Beta. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229183
  9. Yes I have noticed even in the past few weeks a change in the way variance works, it creates some very effective swirly mist now with the right settings.
  10. I have been busy testing out the new EEP using the Beta Firestorm with EEP, and also the Second Life Viewer with EEP. I have specifically been in the past few days looking at replacement astronomical graphics for the Sun and Moon to create a range of alternative looks. I have tested making new sky files, importing PNG alpha masked color graphic files of the recommended dimensions, applying the imported graphics to sky files, switching between sky files and checking out the appearance between viewer apps. And finally I have uploaded some replacement Sun and Moon graphics and sky files to Marketplace for others to check out. The entire process went quite smoothly and I did not encounter any issues. I do realise, of course that this is a minor aspect of the EEP implementation. Next I shall be moving into cloud textures and emulating as close as possible my old Windlight files inside EEP. This is where I know things will start to get interesting... The files I have worked on so far are here, if you are interested to have a look: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/204498 As an aside, in the major Second Life groups on Facebook I have noticed a very low level of knowledge about and understanding of EEP.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean, can you add a screen cap of the old Firestorm window that has the settings parameters you refer to, here are the old Firestorm Windlight and new Beta EEP settings windows that I have been using. Phototools and other Firestorm popup windows look the same to me.
  12. Is it not easy to take any sky file and change all the parameters to create a new look? Apart from the different way they look in the viewer (which is up to LL to address), all the sliders and options are still there?
  13. Is the EEP Firestorm pic with the closest you can make EEP match to Windlight, or with the same setting copied over?
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