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  1. I guess it depends on what you define as "cheap", it also depends what gender you're looking for. Some of the best hair brands in SL range their styles between 199-250. Truth (250$L), Magika (199$L-249$L), Ploom (250$L), fri. (250$L). But these are mostly female hairs, though brands like Truth also have male hair. I don't know of any quality brands for cheaper but someone else might. If you want good quality, you'll probably have to expect something in the 250$L range as that seems to be the standard for hair, but this translates to only 1 US dollar. So it's not ridiculously expensive or any
  2. Not a thing, there's NOTHING. Okay, one house of mine, and ALL my eyes and eye fatpacks, and some lipstick tattoos are forced adult no matter if I strip the listing bare, reset, pull up, reset again my magic boxes, force update, resync, log back in and fking out, nothing. Are eyes pornographic? Are you supposed to bend over and shove eyeballs up your , is that why? I mean wtf?? *frets all over Darrius* I'm exhausted now. I've had my rage and hysteria. I'm going to go run full speed face-first into a brick wall now till everything becomes quiet.
  3. This is a catastrophe. I have made 3 sales in the past 3 days with a collective amount of around L$600. I can't even pay my rent. My store has been undermined and there's nothing I can do about it since I can't change maturity settings because of some f%@&*$# bug. Anyone less stubborn than myself, who may have put in less hard work into their shop than I did, I'm sure would have closed up and said screw it. The next hurdle LL throws at the merchants, I'm not sure if I'll still have the fight in me. This is ridiculous. And poor Pancake Nirvana in the other thread and Gor sellers. It seem
  4. There's a bug that's not allowing filter rating changes no matter what you do. That might be what you're experiencing. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3581 Vote here.
  5. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: And if you were going to automatically screw with my listings, you should have given me a way to sort my listings by maturity rating so I could find the ones you messed up.THIS. I think this is what gripes me the most, is the fact that MY listings that I spent hours of MY time on for MY products were torn through in the blink of an eye by a proverbial FU tornado. And then suffered on by a glitch that I can't even do anything about, and with LL's notorious track record, probably won't get any resolution and am on my own to lie down and take it, you know? It seems so
  6. johnboy Snoodle wrote: Jesus Christ, when will you blo*dy lot stop messing about with all the settings and just leave things to settle down a little, if it's not one thing it's another and I am getting sick of it, I suppose we will now see a return to bad search, bad listing's, and loss of money again? it seems every time things start to improve a bit, you steam in and mess it all up again just for the hell of it, if you want to change things for the better, then lower the tiers and also make land charges by the 512 plot, not lumped in all together so just 1 mtr over the 'block' and you hi
  7. Done for both listings, still get "Successfully updated, but the text in the keywords field forced a change in the maturity level". Thank you though, I appreciate the help, but yeah, no progress. So I'm just going to do what Darrius said and wait and try again later, maybe I'm just fighting with a computer.
  8. You've a very unique romance about you, Darrius. LOL
  9. Ab graciously offered to do that as well, but if you want to look, go for it. I really appreciate it, because even after stripping all the text, I got no where. Maybe I'm just hurrdurr and I'm just not seeing something. *throws hands up* https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GlitterGloss-Cherry-by-IV-InVision/1873375 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Special-Eyes-Time-by-IV-InVision/1504420
  10. Holy crap. LOL! Every time I refresh more items are adult. This is hilarious!
  11. I changed everything. I changed the name, I changed the image, I changed the description, I changed the keywords. Nothing fixes it. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It keeps going right back to adult even when it's a bare ass listing. I give up. LL doesn't want me to have a business, fine.
  12. But I removed the description AND the keywords with no luck.
  13. No, not the case, because I was able to modify a listing and change the maturity, but on all the "God obeying" ones that are safe, changing them back from adult is blasphemy. So I do know it is possible to instantly change it. It just WON'T, it keeps spewing a proverbial projectile spray of raw BS saying there's something in the keywords forcing it back to adult. And guess what, it does it even when there ARE NO KEYWORDS. I'm having the world's BIGGEST conniption right now. I never had a problem with LL but I'm about to shoot FIRE out of my eyeballs.
  14. People should probably be aware for items that aren't adult that were forced adult for no reason what-so-ever. Even if you remove all the keywords, all the text, everything from the listing and save it as General, it will still get forced adult. Really, there's NOTHING you can do to fix your listing. Your listings are screwed, your shop is screwed, you are screwed. Spare yourself the agony of chasing a goose that doesn't exist. I'm going to file a ticket, maybe this fatal bug will get fixed in a few months.
  15. Hi, Thanks for reaming my store. I really appreciate it because boy did I need something to keep me busy for 12 hours. Pray tell why one listing is fine, yet when I copy and paste the exact everything in the "non-sinful" listing into the "sinful" one and save, it still gets forced adult? If "the text in the keywords field forced a change in the maturity level" is code for something, can someone explain? I've even removed all the keywords and put God in and it's still so naughty it's adult. I've removed ALL THE TEXT in some listings and it still gets forced adult. Where's the logic? P
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