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  1. Since you have the experience of the chatroom roleplay, you should be okay. Its just a matter of finding the sim in SL where you feel comfortable. My sister and I just began doing RP in the Blood and Sand sims, which is based on the show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Its ancient Rome, and as sis and I are already big history buffs (we do historical reinactment in RL), we're having fun playing as "barbarian" sisters that have traveled to the city. If you ever want to come hang out with us one evening to check it out, just send an IM to me. You can hang out with us and watch the gladiators o
  2. I just had to do this myself last week. It took me about 4 days total, at about 4-5 hours each, to sort out and categorize 4 years worth of stuff. I'm a wearer, shopper, and a builder, so I had quite a bit of stuff. As far as organizing, I have set up folders for Accessories, which contains all my jewelry, tattoos, glasses, hats, etc. In the Body parts folder, I set up subfolders for Shapes, Skins, Neko bits, Eyes; pretty much anything that alters my avatar's body itself. Clothing was the big hassle. I decided to tackle it the same way I organized my RL closet; Coats, Dresses, Gowns, Ski
  3. Jenni, I would prefer to use shadows and all the wonderful lighting that SL has to offer, but the truth is, I don't have the graphic capabilities to do so. So, its prim shadows on my furniture for me, until I can get a monster computer that will allow me to turn those graphic settings to the ultra setting. Believe me, I long for that day. LOL
  4. Oh, this is awesome! I live in the States and didn't get to donate anything this year. It kind of snuck up on me, so I didn't even get to order my Red Noses. :smileysad: A friend of mine that lives over there lets me have them shipped to her house and then she ships them to me. Anyway, I'm glad to know where I can go in SL to donate to this wonderful charity! Thanks for setting up a donation jar!
  5. Chosen, I wanted to say thanks for posting that tutorial for eyes. I tried it myself, and have discovered that I definitely need to find my graphic tablet and pen in order to do it justice. My mouse was just too unwieldy to give me the fine control needed to get a decent approximation of the final outcome of this tutorial. That being said, again, thanks for posting it. Makes me want to make my own set of eyes for my avatar now. :smileyhappy:
  6. Thanks everyone! That was kinda what I thought, I just wasn't sure on the opacity of the shadow. I'll see if I can find one in world, just to save on uploading costs. :smileytongue:
  7. I'm not sure if this is a building or a texturing question, but I am wondering how one would go about adding those floor shadows to a piece of furniture. It just seems to make the piece more real to me, and now that I am about to build some new furniture, I really want it to have that finished look. Any suggestions? Btw, I use CS3 for graphics and textures, and I've been building in SL for a while. I'm just back after a prolonged vacation in the real world. :smileywink:
  8. I have this same problem. I've been curvy, with actual hips and a butt, since day one. I constantly have to adjust prim skirts to fit over the curve of my booty and often have to resort to rotating the entire skirt so that its a bit lower in the front than the back. Even the skirts with resizer scripts are hit and miss. So far, I've found one skirt that fit me perfectly "out of the box" from CoG. The skirt I was messing with last night took me about an hour or so to adjust, using both the resizer script and doing it manually. I had to stretch the belt a bit, using the "edit linked parts"
  9. In RL, I'm 5'2" in shoes, so when I got into SL 4 years ago, I went with the flow and had a tall avatar. She was well proportioned, though, in relationship to her height, so I didn't look like I'd been stretched. I wore that shape for oh, a couple of years. I took a break for a while, and when I finally came back on a steady basis last year, I noticed that my friends were suddenly shorter than me. I adjusted my height and shape so that I was more in step with them, so now my avatar is about 5'4". I've noticed that most people haven't followed the trend of more realistic human heights, whi
  10. I've helped a few newbies here and there during my time in SL. Usually, it's someone that I've been talking to already for a little while and then they just ask me for help. The most fun I had was helping out a guy friend that had a rez date fairly close to me. My sister helped with him...and I can say that a year and a half later, on his SL wedding day, he was still wearing the hair that I had helped him pick out. LOL. His partner wouldn't let him change it. I have seen some people with shapes that honestly make me want to ask them if they actually meant to look like that. I never do,
  11. Valto, I think one of the problems you are having with your skin looking "painted on" is because there are no highlights or shadows on the skin. Take a look at some of the other skins around you; human, furry, whatever. You will notice that the front and back of the thighs, the calves, the arms and such all appear to be lighter in tone, whereas the sides of the thighs, body, arms, etc appear darker. Shadows and highlights will help the skin look like its actually wrapped around the body. Also, skin is never one overall color. Try adding some noise to the purple area. You can do this by
  12. When I first started in SL 4 years ago, a friend of mine who had been in for much longer and made shapes made one for me. It was tall, but well proportioned, with actual muscles on the legs! *Gasp* Well shaped legs, almost unheard of! Anyway, I think Kalynn was about 6'5 or so back then. Today, she's about 5'2" or so, which is my height in RL. Yes, this puts me about equal with most avatar's leg length, but I like being short. It is very apparent that I am not a child avatar, as my womanly features on the upper region of my torso will attest to. I've also made a point of saying this in
  13. Since you mentioned photoshop in your post, I'll make suggestions for that particular program. These are only suggestions, and I'm sure other people will have some as well. 1. Since you have full permissions, you need to get the texture file from him and open it up in photoshop. Use one of the selection tools (lasso, magnetic lasso, quick mask, or the pen tool...love the pen tool!) to pick out the tribal bits that he wants changed. Once you have the selection (that little line of "marching ants"), you can either choose the brush option and simply paint over that area with red, or you can p
  14. Oh, yes, that has happened to me several times, and sadly, I've been the one that has disappeared a few times. To me, RL takes precedence over everything else. There is one person that I met in my first year in SL, and I'm happy to say that even when I disappeared, he and I stayed in touch via phone, text msgs, and playing in WoW together (he's my guild leader). Another one of my friends, though, disappeared without a word, and I do wonder about him, He was a very good friend; I attended his SL wedding and became good friends with his partner as well. Her account totally disappeared, and
  15. If you just got the video card today and installed the drivers that were included with the card, you really should go to the manufacturer's website and download the latest set of drivers. You can also find more info about what graphic cards work with SL here.
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