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  1. I've been having repeated and severe problems with not one program, but several. If anyone could help me understand what might be going on, I would really appreciate it. I am currently running Ubuntu 14, the latest release. I have been attempting to connect to Second Life, and I have installed the main propietary viewer. The first time I ran it, it worked correctly. I signed off. When I used the viewer again the next day, the entire viewer screen was unreadable garbase, including the upper bar part of it. I reloaded multiple times with no luck. I then moved to Phoenix Firestorm, another viewer which should work. The first time, everythign was fine. The second time I ran it, the screen was unreadable garbage. I tried to figure out what was wrong and reinstalled. No luck. I have done the same with a viewer called Alchemy, and another called Imprudence. Both worked the first time, and then the viewer became unreadable garbage the second time and every time afterwords. I attempted to install another partition with Linux Mint. I created the Linux Mint partition, but for some reason the boot routine isn't located. I went to the extreme option of attempting to edit the partitions, but that isn't working either. I am disabled and unable to get out of my house to speak to anyone. I can go for weeks or months without any human contact whatsoever if I don't use second life to speak with people. This is my lifeline to speaking with people. I don't have any other way. This is it. I have to fix this.
  2. I'm learning to script and I would like to limit who can use the object based on a user list generated from a notepad I'd put in the object. I've seen objects with this sort of thing before, but haven't seen an example. Can anyone show me an example of such a thing, or perhaps give me a link that points to such a script in an archive somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thank you to everyone for answering my questions, I understand the way it all works now. Wasn't really certain what the limitations on a timer event were.
  4. I appreciate the question but that's not what I meant. What if I want something to happen while the timer is ticking that has nothing to do with the timer? One example being .... I say "turn off!", but another example would be listening and repeating the string as a shout or something.
  5. When I use timer to have the script count down to an event, and I want to do other things as well in the intervening time, how would I accomplish that? For instance, I have a script that counts down to 60 seconds, but i'd like the object to also listen on a channel for another command, that might cause it to use llSay, or bail out of the timed event. I dont know how the logic works.
  6. I am a member of group which gives me permission to build on my own parcel. I have been bulding there for some time, but lately permissions in general were changed. Nonetheless, I have specific permission to build there. I have been assured of this by the person who gives out permissions. At intermittent intervals, when I attempt to create an object I don't have permission. I will go to my parcel and create something... and a minute later try to create something else. And when I get to the second object, I get the "do not permission to build" message. Sounds like a bug doesn't it? Well I'd love to file a ticket.. but apparently. I can't. I keep loggin in when I go to the site to log a ticket, but it doesn't seem to stick. I fill in my name, give my password... and the next screen tells me I still need to log in. Which I means I can't write a ticket. I have logged in 20 times now, and it keeps returning me to a screen which tells me I'm not logged in. So, what do I do now?
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