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  1. ah okay, wasn't sure since they had to manually go in to get the logins fixed. The idea was something that would ping the first every thirty or so minutes and if it failed, the second would automatically route the logins to itself until the first was fixed.
  2. I think having a secondary location might work, if one goes down the second can take up the slack, like two log in servers that ties into the grid adn maybe even have some of the grid set up on the second batch if everything goes down. But I'm not a tech specialist so I don't know if having a second log in server would be feasible.
  3. There is somoene that keeps saying they are or were Employees of LInden Labs and has access to reports to stop people from reporting thier alts to LL. I have twice reported this with actual logs so that LL can find the information quicker. I have seen this person continue to claim to be employed by Linden Labs with impunity. I have used the ingame Reporting method and I don't think it's getting read due to no clear catagory for nonmonetary fraud, such as saying "Don't bother reporting him/her, I'm an agent of LL and used to work there so I know they're already under investigation and reporting them will only slow us down" EDIT: thank you for answering. that's was what I was doing to help LL and the fact they've not thumped this guy for impersonating one of thiers is a little disconcerting to say the least. I know if I got reports of someone saying they're my helper and they aren't I'd be stopping that sort of stuff quickly. Maybe they're just really backed up.
  4. It's the servers for Inventory, the Beta gets a copy of the regular one and adds it to the list it had before. while the Regular Server will misplace things the Beta has much less load and can remember things better
  5. My Theory- in IMs her /me works but in Local chat it pops up as /me waves instead of (name) waves.
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