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  1. I am hoping that with the new BOM mesh bodies they will find a way to be able to bake the tattoos on my skin so that I can wear what I want when I want and the tattoos will not come off. The skin I am talking about is my first ever Skin I had back 10 years or so. So I am really hoping they can find a way to do it. thanks for the info.
  2. I want some of the same tattoos that I had on my older Avi skin and I did not get in trouble for using them. Had them on my old skin for a long time. Most are original thou. But I tried the Omega applier in Demos and it did not change the head. that is where I am running into problems.
  3. Hiya all I'm having major issues and wondering if someone could help me. I am trying to find someone that makes skins for the Maitreya Body and Vista Bento Head. Plus on my old Avi skin I had my tattoos baked on my skin so they did not come off (the tattoos were made onto the skin), and I would love to find someone that makes skins for my body and head and that could possible put my tattoos I pick out onto my skin so I do not have to worry about what I wear they will stay on my skin. I'm willing to pay for it!!!!! PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME OUT, I'M DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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