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  1. Galagrid Ad Center is a premiere place for you to place Ads to advertise your Club, Business and/or Services you provide to the citizens of Second Life. We Offer 3 floors of advertising space, each rated for a specific level of maturity. The Ground level is for G Rated, second floor is Mature and 3rd floor is Adult. anyone can advertise on any floor. We as that if you are an adult themed business and you wish to advertise on the G floor, that your ad does not show nudity or sexual inuendos as per SL Ratings. Also, If you're looking to increase your customer outreach, we would like to give you a permastand for your products. We are interested in helping newbies orient and create a job/ad center that will also feature items from stores which can be managed by you. Meaning, you can sell what you like and manage your own stand for as long as the center exists. We recommend this be taken advantage of while we have the space. We are steady as our venues have been in place for many years so you will know the effort you put into updating your stand will be worth it. My name is lumi Southmoor, i represent the Galagrid Ad Center. We are here to aid all people, and businesses expand their sales, rentals, and traffic. I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in placing a small kiosk to either give away free things to newbies in a way to promote your goods or equally provide some kind of heavily discounted item. We see the mutual value in helping you grow both your sales and traffic, as well as ours. By offering you the ability to place a small kiosk in our Ad Center for free, we feel we will achieve something significant. Please feel free to contact me at any time via note card if you are interested. I hope we can do business together. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Dreamland/229/229/23
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