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  1. Nice lot near historical Riverwalk Park and next to ye olde Renaissance Village! Quiet spot and nicely decorated neighbors. Great for an RP spot or more! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ganymede/148/49/47
  2. Though I've been around SL for quite a while, I just started to build, texture and learn Blender lately, too. Thank you, THANK YOU for mentioning local textures. I had no idea I could even do this (I feel dumb for not knowing). I've been using the Beta grid to stave off costs, but uploading textures to it to test them over and over. This makes everything a lot easier!!
  3. July 23, 2004 is my rez date! Woo! It's been a while. I've been on and off the grid during all that time, but happy to be back and more engaged than ever right now.
  4. Yes, I've had no problem with this over the years. Again, I can't vouch for anyone else, though! Technology -- gotta love it!
  5. I was grandfathered in at $500 on two accounts (both created in 2004), and have had premium on and off since 2010. I didn't lose my $50 stipend when I dropped premium, just as long as I did a weekly login. When I came back to premium last month, I still got my $500 on both accounts. Here's my $50 stipend from last month, just before I decided to upgrade to Premium on this account again: I can't promise that it works like that for everyone, but for my accounts, I've had no problem dropping premium, coming back and claiming the same stipends.
  6. Hi there! Whenever I have an issue with any of my kitties, I just put in a ticket at their support site. You may need to create a login for it, but they do respond through this method. I lost 11 kitties (just POOF!) for unknown reasons due to inventory issues, and they returned them all to me just a few weeks back. Give that a try if you don't get a response any other way. It took about a day for them to get back to me. Good luck! https://kittycats.ws/support_login.html
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