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  1. So i have downloaded blender because I wish to create a sculpted mesh. I've downloaded the JASS-2 package from http://blog.machinimatrix.org/jass/. It includes Blender, Python, and the plugin that makes it VERY easy to create and export sculpty UV maps to SL... Here is my problem... I make my scluptie which is kind of boxy like a rubix cube; when I bring it into SL using the UV image... the sculpt is distorted... Some of the straight edges are bent/have new points in them and it doesn't realy look like it did when I view it in blender... It is wierd because when I use the SAME UV image to b
  2. So I am simply trying to make a sculpted prim of a pillar (Roman architecture) so I can reduce the number of objects used to do so by regular SL building methods... What program would be the best in order to do so? Blender... Maya... Curvy 3D... etc??? I've created the actual pillar using several different programs but the sculpt never transfers over to SL properly. I think this is because of the UV image (this happened with both Blender and Maya)... Just looking for some help; any would be fantastic!
  3. In general, I am trying to find a way to reduce the number of objects I need in order to create an outdoor theater for teaching. Having reached my object number limit, I've turned to sculpting in order to turn things like a pillar, which takes up about 9 objects, into one. However, I am having troubles. So far I have worked in blender, maya, and sculptypaint and each has not produced any positive results. In the 3D software, I can create the objects just fine; it is just the transfering over to SL which is causing problems. When I create the sculpt maps -- the UV image -- and bring them over t
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