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  1. Umm, also, did you just seriously suggest we should cheat the system, go premium for a month, join 60 groups, then downgrade and keep them? That... might be a little counterproductive
  2. I am always at my maximum of groups, and I am constantly leaving and joining groups, because I am a designer who participates in multiple events, fairs, hunts etc. That is common practice among designers, bloggers and event organizers. For example I soon have to join the Hair Fair Demo group to participate - means, I would have to drop not one, but eight groups for just that one event. As I said, yes, I will have to go premium, just to keep those groups. That is very little benefit for the money.
  3. I already wrote this in one of the other threads, but I am upset enough to repost here : ). I am one of those basic accounts who are now forced to go premium. Which I wouldn't even mind so much if there was -any- benefit in it for me. I rent a homestead, I don't own and can't afford a sim. I don't need or want a Linden home or any gifts. I don't want mainland. I build on my homestead and don't need premium sandboxes. I don't care about the offline-IM problem because I tell people to send notecards instead. BUT - I need the group slots for my business. I don't need 70, I need round about 42 to be in all the event and land and business groups. I have a store, I pay transaction- and marketplace fees and contribute to the economy. I will from now on have to pay the increased subscription fee, probably plus VAT, and double transaction fees for my cashouts. For no benefits at all, just to keep those 7 group slots I can't toss. At the same time, life for my second main will get harder - she is active in several roleplay communities and maxing out group slots for all those admin, mentor and land groups. I certainly will not pay for TWO premium accounts. Sorry, you are hurting people who have contributed a -lot- to the economy and to the social life of SL over years. Yes, you are forcing people like me to go premium now, and it is not a nice feeling to be punished and forced. But basic accounts who are -not- actively contributing (but nevertheless are welcome as customers and social contacts of course) - they probably will easily be able to toss a handful of groups and just stay basic accounts. If you want more premium members, attract them with incentives, don't punish your loyal and active userbase, please. If you are able to hand out more groupslots to premiums, it should not be necessary to take them away from us.
  4. Those who will suffer from this decision most are those who NEED the groups. Like business owners, creators, and roleplay communities. Those who are active and contributing a lot to SL, economically and socially. Those who don't do this - can easily drop those groups and have zero incentive to get premium. It really feels like a slap in the face.
  5. I am one of those basic accounts who create and sell stuff, and who cash out and pay transaction fees. I rent a homestead and can't afford a full sim. I am now forced to go premium because I need my groups to run my business - I am constantly leaving and joining event and land groups. I actually always -was- on the fence of going premium, but since I will have to pay VAT those so called 'perks' weren't really worth the money. I don't need mainland or a linden home, or special access to sandboxes. I don't need 60 or 80 groups - i need round about 42. Missed IMs are not an issue to me, I tell people to write notecards. The premium gifts - sorry. I never saw a single one I would have needed or wanted. There is zero benefit for me to go premium. So. I now will lose groupmembers of my business groups, I will pay the increased monthly fee plus VAT and my transaction fees will double. I will certainly not go premium TWICE to keep the groups for my second main - the account I use for roleplay and roleplay-sim-administration. I spend a lot of Lindens on that account (she is the one who dresses up). This account will get a lot less attractive to me when I have to leave so many groups; and volunteering in RP communities as admin or mentor will get difficult. Nope. I actually thought Linden Lab was on a good way lately. But punishing your active userbase (and yes, a lot of basic accounts -are- active and -are- contributing to the economy) - is a bad way to generate more income, especially when the benefits of paying more are -zero-.
  6. To prevent a small object from distorting like this, you can add an invisible face to your mesh object so the bounding box becomes large enough in all directions. Just add a face and move it away along the axis of the ring's thinnest section. Then shrink the face along one axis so it s just a line ( for example S - x - 0), and upload again. (If you use a decimate modifier for your lower LODs, make sure that it still remains a face and is not reduced to one or two vertices). Alternatively you can give it a texture and just make it transparent after the upload.
  7. It's a legendary SL mystery. A while ago I had the same problem - and the word that caused my absolutely innocent necklaces to turn adult was 'uni'. Because... unicorn sex? I never found out.
  8. Ich kann zwar nicht mit deutschsprachigem RP aushelfen, da ich mich nur auf englischsprachigen sims rumtreibe - aber vielleicht hilft es zu wissen, dass RPer, die "nur rumstehen" hoechstwahrscheinlich para-RPer sind die laaaange brauchen, um ihre 10zeiligen Emotes zu tippen; und die gewohnt sind, aufeinander zu warten. Das kann schon mal 10 minuten Stille bedeuten, und meistens wird auf irgendwelche visuellen Hilfsmittel wie Animationen oder Gestures auch verzichtet - ist alles (oder fast alles) "nur" Text. Man gewoehnt sich dran, ist natuerlich Geschmackssache, und es gibt durchaus Sims in denen schneller und kuerzer gepostet wird - jedenfalls in Englisch ist fuer jede Vorliebe was dabei.
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