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  1. They are still at it. Goon squad has been attacking the Keranio region for the past two days.
  2. Thanks you two..the function key did the trick for me.
  3. I just got my shiny new iMac, logged into SL...and realized the keyboard does not have pageup or pagedown keys. So, how do I jump or fly? Or am I doomed to shuffling along on the ground from now on?
  4. I am really beyond caring at this point. I loyally gritted my teeth and stuck with viewer 2 for over a year enduring endless bugs, lag, crashes, indefensible design choices, and yes, a search function so poorly implemented that I quit using it for anything. Since switching to Phoenix, which I had to do because the latest version of viewer 2 would not even run on my computer, I am so much happier. If I ran the zoo, I would just adopt one of the third party viewers as the official viewer and kill viewer 2 altogether.
  5. My relationships in SL may be virtual, but the feelings I have for friends and lovers here are very real to me. It does not bother me that people come and go or that they may have chosen to be someone here very different from who they are in RL. For me, I guess it comes down to how comfortable one is with the concept of having a virtual life which is part of, but uniquely different in some ways, from RL. If you treat your relationships here as fake or less valuable than your relationships in the physical world, then you are missing out on a huge part of this experience.
  6. To be useful, my friends list needs to be focused. So, I prune mine regularly. The very act of cleaning it forces me to consider what each person means to me and sometimes prompts me to re-establish contact with a neglected friend. I admit to feeling unhappy sometimes when I am defriended, so I try to be sensitive when defriending others. I consider the depth of the friendship, the length of time without contact, and the pleasure, if any, that the friendship brings me. For uncomplicated situations where I perhaps met the person once, no contact in three months is enough to take them off my list. If the friendship meant something to me but now is dead or unpleasant, I sometimes send a polite note at the time I defriend. I try not to burn any bridges.
  7. There are a lot of non-techie residents desperately clinging to viewer 1.23. They are in that position because, like me, they downloaded the early release versions of viewer 2 and were traumatized by the experience. The program was full of bugs, crashed constantly, slowed SL to a crawl when it would load at all, and that is not even going into the resident-unfriendly interface choices. This seems to be a pattern with Linden, rushing out "improvements" without any consideration of the fact that the vast majority of residents are not IT professionals and just want everything to load and work so they can chat, shop, and play. I have used viewer 2 exclusively since 2.3 came out and have seen it improve steadily. Still, viewer 2 will never gain any traction unless Linden understands that the public relations problem is just as important and serious as the technological wizardry.
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