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  1. Blood Star is a dark and freeform roleplaying sim with an amazing build and a system being featured: the new VCS2 combat system which will reflect the wide range of characters you can play out here. The themes here are the keywords medieval, gothic, victorian and fantasy.. The lore of Blood Star feature a mixture of these things and all mythological creatures. Blood Star lies within a world where technology is overshadowed by magic and where people still arm themselves with a sword or crossbow. Make no mistake, this is a dark roleplay sim. If violent, fictional religion, slavery and gritty roleplay etc isn't in your bag or offends you then this probably isn't the place for you and you should probably turn back now, if that is your thing then welcome home. While the policy on the type of characters that can be played out here is loose, we'd like to see the furries try for a realistic look, if you need help then we're ready to provide it. For more information, come to the sim right away. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blood%20Star/89/111/2502 Hope to see you there!
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