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  1. Uh-oh. I have to sit on my hands so that I don't post too many pictures here. I just post 3, I could easy post 10... and some male looks too. I hope that you like my mix-n match looks.
  2. The hair in the tuxedo pic? It is one of the first LAQ hairs they made to use with hairbase. I must have bought it in 2008 or 2009. It only came in one color, but it is nice....
  3. Ok, now it is so clear for me - I am Valerie's alt! Lol, we have the same style and go to the same places.
  4. Thanks Lisa! I have ruined so many hairs in the start, hehe. It can be hard to pick the right parts. A hair without so much flexi is easy to work with. If you already have a hat with attached hair, you can unlink the hat and delete it, and use the hair with another hat. Picture 1: Rez the hair and rightclick -> edit. Make sure you tick "Edit linked parts" and select the hat. You will see it outlined in blue. Then pick "unlink" from tools. Picture 2: The hat is outlined in yellow after you unlinked it. Now you delete it. Repeat these 2 steps if the hat has more than one part. Picture 3: Take the hair back to your inventory. Now you can rename it to "hat hair" or something else you remember. Now, you can wear the hair with another hat!
  5. Loren Twine wrote: Ian Undercroft wrote: Men's formal seems so dull compared to the wonderful women's gowns. I'm sure you'd look funny Fabulous in a gown too! But where's your rags from? They look nice. Hope that Ian are back to reply. But it looks like a Rebel Hope tux. I have the female version. I love it when guys wear prim sleeves and other details, instead of the painted on freebie tuxedos. Guys who dress up are a rare gem in SL indeed.
  6. Pep wrote: Marianne, is that an official beret you are wearing in your badge image? If so, does your position make you personally responsible for "discipline" in some way, and what would I have to do to find out? Pep (likes a woman in uniform) Haha. You should know that it's all about my appearance. Would I look good while taking action against the low life criminals? Probably. Then why not? But, handing out discipline would demand that I had both a spine and a strong arm, and lifting the Fashion magazines from the table don't build enough muscle mass. And, I would probably forget what I should do because I saw something new and shiny.... Ooh was that new Truth hair? BRB.
  7. I think the OP talks about inworld Police. Serunus, I will suggest that you google "Law Enforcement in Second Life: Policing or Pastime?". This should bring up an article in AH. I don't provide you with the link, because the rules for what I am allowed to link to, is confusing and I don't take the risk. The comments in the article is interesting reading, make sure you read what some has experienced from SL Police.
  8. We really have the same taste. You wear Sasha's design on that picture?
  9. To learn how to edit linked prims is very important if you will have a perfect appearance. You can visit the Ivory Tower of Prims and go through some tutorials. But I tried to make a mini-tutorial here. English isn't my first language, so I hope some will correct me if I'm unclear. Always make a copy first, of hair and hat! Wear both and stand on a posestand or play a static pose, so your avatar is not moving. Picture 1: Choose the hair and tick "Edit linked parts" and untick "stretch both sides". Then, pick one of the colored squares (the green arrow) and push down until the hair disappears in the hat. If you just added a transparent texture here, you would ruin the part of the hair that shows under the hat. Picture 2: Use camera controls and zoom in. Work your way around the hat. Here is where I often messed up in the start, because it's often tricky to select the right part. Sometimes I would edit a part of the hat, and had to start over again with a new copy. Be patient. Picture 3: When you have pushed in the big hair parts, you can often stretch the hat carefully and lift it a bit. This often is enough to hide the tiny parts of hair that poke out. Important! Remember to change the boxes back, so you edit the whole hat, and don't forget to check "stretch both sides" again!!! Picture 4: Your perfect hair and hat. This may sound like a lot of work, but this hair can often be used with many different hats. And the next time you edit a hair, you work faster.
  10. Hairbases with buns is a great way to wear hats. My picture here shows me in a hairbase with bangs and a sleek ponytail (that you can't see) that comes from LeLutka. They sell a pack of hair attachments that's handy to use. I wish more made low chignons. I was able to buy a low bun from MiaMai and just pull it a bit down in the back. They sell matching hairbases too. Editing hair takes some time, but it's fun to end up with a unique hairstyle. Because it is not likely that some other edited just the same hair. Maitreya has several hairstyles that's hat friendly. They are sleek on the top, These hairs don't need much editing. Often, you can just take a copy and size it a bit smaller, and pull it a bit down and back. https://d44ytnim3cfy5.cloudfront.net/assets/2407939/view_large/HairBlacks_amber.jpg?1288269764 https://d3qcduphvv2yxi.cloudfront.net/assets/2404799/view_large/HairBrowns_evi.jpg?1288213676
  11. I second Slink! Maybe it will be better feet sometimes in the future, but at the moment, they are best. They have also sent out free updates since I bought my first pair there in 2008. They have a sale that ends in short time, maybe this weekend. I have no idea if their bare feet is on sale though.
  12. Peter Bowler wrote: As far as I know, he was given the avatar for free and that is was a basic account. I guess he will have to read the TOS about giving avatars. He told me that the previous owner just didnt use the avatar anymore and felt bad to delete it. But I would like to ask, given from the responses, it seems to me that its forbidden to use other persons avatars, even if there is a consent. Is there a possiblity that I get banned, for using a friends avatar, whose password was given to me by him? Thank you.:smileyindifferent: It is a bad idea. I have heard that LL can freeze your account until you prove it's yours if "your avatar" suddenly logs in from another part of the country, or another part of the world. They suspect it's hacked. Sharing your password is not allowed, period. I know about a dozen girlfiends who log in their boyfriends avatars to shop for them, edit hair and such things. It is a bit like speed driving - it is tempting and you know about ppl who do it all the time. But try to say that to the cop who stops you?
  13. Glad to see you came back to read, because I am so late to reply. I saw a really goodloking asian male here on the forums, and had to ask him where he got his skin from: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Are-Avatars-getting-Shorter/td-p/744429/page/3#M2279 Scroll down to the bottom of this page, I hope it helps. :smileyhappy:
  14. My advice is that your friend cancel the account immediatly. Then register a fresh new avatar and fill in his/her own information. Better do it now, instead of investing a lot of money in the avatar (maybe buying land) and LL finds out and ban the avatar that was traded/given away.
  15. I wonder what viewer you use? To my best knowledge, the official viewer don't use that wording "Darn! You...". I thought only Kirstens viewer used that. No matter what you use, I would say that you should try to uninstall and reinstall again. Kirstens viewer is very hard to run on my computers. Unless you need it for pictures or machima, it would perhaps be better to try the official viewer. Wireless is said to be hard to run SL on. I can not comment on that, since I use it myself. You could try to log in from a different computer? If you can log in from an internet cafe, then you isolated the problem to your network/connection at home. My technical knowledge stops here, I am afraid. :smileysad: I am computer stupid. Maybe the technical help section can provide more answers. This forum is very quiet, and I am not allowed to recommend another SL forum that is very active now.
  16. Skins and AO is often what newbies spend most money on. If they are under 30 days old, they can get a free skin from Imagen. She has both a male and female skin for newbies. It comes in all the shades from pale to deep tan. Disclaimer: I have not been in Imagen a few months. Hope the shop is still up. It is a pain to find in search, but it was possible to find it through Rack Brautigan's profile. Free AO can be found in LAP mainstore. (Long Awkward Pose).
  17. But you were on the phone with LL? And they said it was a problem with your avatar, you need to verify who you are? They did not tell you more? You haven't got an email? (check your spam filter too) Keep on calling LL and ask what they want you to do. And scan some ID and send it to them with an email, explaining that you let a friend try to log in as you, it was an honest mistake and you can prove that the account belong to you. Keep on trying, it is only LL that can let your main avatar in again!
  18. Look in the description. If the hair is modify, that should be OK. No modify hair with resizer would work too. Resizers are generally not to my liking, the scripts should be low lag. I often use male hair from Truth, Uncleweb and Sadistic Hacker.
  19. Syngyn, your avatar might be ghosted inworld. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=ghosted_avatar
  20. I think you need to look for an email from LL. If they suspended your account, you should be notified. Your friend has logged in with your account. This may have set off an alarm, so they think your account is hacked by your friend. It is against the TOS to give your password to anybody else. I know many does it, but it is still not allowed and generally a bad idea. Now LL need you to prove that this is your account. The main thing here now is to communicate with LL... they are the only one who can let you in again. The problems you have had before this, could be caused by other things, like your avatar beeing "ghosted". Have your friends seen you as inworld when you tried to log in?
  21. If you are tight on cash, you can get an awesome AO by using a freebie AO and learn how to edit it. Take out the animations you don't like and replace them with others from Oracul (Yes I'm another Oracul fan). Single stands and walks cost around 10L. You get an original AO for as little as 50L if you buy single animations. A full AO cost 300L and they are loaded with stands, sits and walks. It is not many tutorials on editing AO's. I only find tutorials from before viewer 2. Anyone else who's seen a new tutorial that shows how to rez an AO, put in animations and edit notecards? With viewer 2, since I assume that's the viewer new residents use. But here is the best tutorial to my knowledge: http://sl4nowt.wordpress.com/2008/05/17/the-fast-track-guide-to-non-newbieness-for-girls-3-of-3/ The pie menu shown isn't in Viewer 2, so you choose "edit" instead. I was over 2 years old before I dared to edit an AO and I used the tutorial above. (What can I say, I was terrified of scripted stuff, I thought it was much more complicated than it really is) :smileyvery-happy:
  22. Koto, I think you look great. Would you mind posting where you got your skin from?
  23. Kascha, I am sure Wildcat will be here to help you with the name of the hair. But I can say that the realistic look at the roots is a hairbase. You don't log into SL much anymore? Hairbases has become very popular, it is worn as a tattoo or is painted on the skin itself. It gives a nice effect. Funny that you should mention Analog Dog, they have a set of hairbases out for free, along with a matching side ponytail. Both hairbases and ponytails come in all the colors they sell.
  24. My guess is that you want to have Payment info on file showing so that you can get access to places in SL that will only allow residents who have submitted this info to LL? This should be possible without buying §L. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Age-verification/ta-p/700021#Set_up_a_payment_relationship_with_Linden_Lab I don't know if you have tried it before the weekend, it is generally few on work for LL in the weekends. It could be that your bank is the bottleneck here too. Best advice I can give you, is to submit a ticket to LL or buy a small amount of §L and see if it goes through. Before establishing a payment relationship with Linden Lab, your inworld profile will show "No Payment Info on File" under the Account Status heading. Generally, within an hour after payment information is added to your account, this information changes to "Payment Info on File". It may be necessary to log out of your account, then log back in to view this change in your Profile. The duration between adding payment information to your account and your Profile update is dependent upon processing time from payment providers.
  25. I avoid belts who have lots of small prims on the back and sides. If it's only decorated in the front, and the rest plain leather, it is more easy to edit linked prims, grab just the leather part, uncheck stretch both sides and start to adjust it. Ahhh, it is bliss to adjust manually! <3 I bought a belt in Sey that had 2 different forms - one for wider hips and one for big booty! I also like the belts from COCO. PM (Pixel Mode) also has a nice belt. And Luck Inc... they make clothes for curvy avatars, their models have a nice pinup shape. No man hips there!
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