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  1. 5 hours ago, BjorJlen said:

       2) @Marianne Little, I appreciated the link you showed about the Beard/Mushtash (
    https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Action-Inkubator-Beard-Gus-DEMO-BENTO-RIGGED/16040111), but I am not sure if you can get the demo's of it/them without also getting the heads; do you (or anyone) know?
       3) Do all Head Skins come with a HUD of some sort? And if so, can this HUD be minimized, or turned off so they don't clutter up my screen? HUD's in general are a completly new thing for me in SL, so I haven't much of a clue about them or their functionality. 

    As Echelon said, the LeLutka head comes with a short cropped beard. This is materials, so it looks a little bit more real than a painted on beard that comes only on a layer.

    You do not need another beard unless you will have a bigger, fuller, longer one and a mustache that really are 3D.

    Yes, you can use the beard demo with the heads you demo. That beard has a lot of options, so you unpack what you need for that head.

    You have seen that mesh heads have animations now, so you need a beard that is rigged for that head, it follow the mouth and chin motions. Unless you will turn off all animations for the head.

    A little bit about BoM. When we first got mesh heads and bodies, we were hiding all of the default avatar with an alpha layer. We knew it was there, but we never saw it. The mesh body parts could only use appliers, that is like paint on the mesh. But since we are vain, we needed more than a skin, and so the onion layers were used for tattoos, underwear and clothes. The layers was a copy of the body a tiny bit bigger. Think of it like a Russian doll. This created problems in case you wanted more than one tattoo, you had to use both tattoo layer and underwear layer. And you were left with only one layer. The alpha channels could often clash (long technical story).

    When we got BoM, we got much more flexibility. Instead of the mesh bodyparts blocking the default avatar, they act now as a canvas where the default layers are projected upon. These layer are baked to one that are easier to load for SL. It is no need for onion layers anymore.

    This means that skin HUDs, tattoo HUDs and other HUDs became old technology. If you have read tutorials about applier skin et cetera, it is more a thing of the past and harder to work with since you are new to HUDs. Now you use the layers you are familiar with. Wear a skin and add layers upon it. You can have 62 layers on. If you have old tattoos on clothing layers, use them too. As soon as you have activated BoM on the body and head, they work as a refined body and head, with real toes, hands and nails, a better body and a head with animations instead of the old ones. Add and take off layers, just as you do now.

    Were you here when we got tattoo layers many years ago? Then you know you have to use "add" instead of "wear" when you wear more layers.


  2. 7 hours ago, Nika Talaj said:

    Unpack a new one?  LL's v2.3.1 security panel is 1 LI.

    I have not needed an orb, so I have not paid any attention to them since they were new.

    With only 1 Li, then no excuse for not using it. 😃 Those who use other orbs want to return people home, or return them faster than 15 seconds. It sounds like bad will, if you ask me.


  3. 9 minutes ago, AnitiriRonan said:

    I ended up lagging out crossing one of the borders... skimmed over three other sims and finally viewer quit. I had 11 candy in my bucket, when I relogged it was back to 4. The number from my original log in. Grrrr... now have to go find those seven houses again. Oh and there is no Slenderman at that location that I could see. There's a jack o lantern in the front, stacked inflatables and the monster escaping from the big pumpkin. I did find a completely different location that had a Slenderman on it. It was in one of the Log Home areas.

    Snapshot _ Protected Land, Alban Heights (196, 194, 32) - Moder.png

    I think I read in another thread about the same, one who "lost" candy. When he added a new candy, the number was reset and he had all his candy back. Try that you too?

    Edit: I have candy here, so you can try it fast and don't search.

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alban Heights/55/120/25

  4. On 10/23/2021 at 1:23 PM, Orwar said:

       I'm ye average cis-man. With almost elbow-long hair (which has been kept strictly no-poo for about 2.5 years). Pretty much always seen wearing a kilt. Occasionally with black painted nails. Who likes to bake, cook, and do calligraphy. 

    Yep, hair length, hobbies and skill has absolutely nothing to do with gender. I am a 100% she who has installed a wood stove, a pellet stove and also knocked down an ugly open fireplace in the 70ties style.*

    I like to bake, cook and do calligraphy too. :)

    *That was when I was healthy, now I can't do much. :(


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  5. 1 hour ago, Lysistrata Szapira said:

    ...... snip.....

    I also agree with Coffee Pancake that non-LH home security orbs need to be banned. Using the LH-provided orb should be mandatory. 


    I have been one of those who said that the LH-home security has too high LI. But I have changed my mind. It is better to sacrifice a flower pot or some other decor instead of using a 1 LI orb.

    I never needed security in Bellisseria, but if I needed it now, I would accept the LI for the LH security now.

    The cost of allowing non-LH orbs has become too high because people use them wrong and the moles can't keep up returning all. It spreads too fast.

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  6. On 10/23/2021 at 9:05 PM, Polenth Yue said:

    I like the theory of the event and I've had solo fun, but overall it's made me feel more disconnected from the community as someone who was collecting candy. I've been banned from more places in the last few days than the rest of my Second Life. Today's one, I thought it was an orb at first, but then realised the owner had manually banned me for stepping onto the porch to click the bucket. I've generally felt less and less welcome at houses as the event has gone on.

    I think there should be a rule that you can't place a bucket if you have security on. Also a reminder that placing a bucket will result in visitors on the parcel and it's not in the spirit of it to ban them as they turn up. Some people really didn't make the connection that the bucket would mean visitors.

    It sounds really off-putting and as somebody who is not "used to" being banned, I would feel that this is not a good experience for me. I can not remember to need security for many, many years. The only time was when I rented a skybox, and people who were probably earlier renters, logged in there more times than I could tolerate.

    @Abnor Molethis needs to be changed if it is more events like this. As a minimum, the distance that you need to be from the pumpkin must be increased to 15 m so it can be clicked from the outside of the parcel. Some people will have on security because they forgot it or did not read the rules. Maybe they think people can stand on the outside and click the bucket.

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  7. I remember your outfit from another thread. I have no idea how many outfits you want, but if you like that black or dark denim with open jackets or vests, you can start with Lapointe Bastchild. I recommend their jeans because it is really hard to mix'n match mesh clothes without parts poking out. Jeans: Includes regular length, tapered, and cuffed versions. PLUS bonus tapered set with alpha cuts & HUD so that you can turn off portions of the lower leg.


    I'm not a blogger or anything else for that store, but it often comes up how hard it is to wear boots with mesh pants. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LB-Mens-Denim-Jeans-Havoc-Faded-Black-Jake-Gianni-Geralt-Slink/18147146

    I'm not sure if you like shopping all over SL and in different stores, but if you do not like it, you can get almost all you need in one place.


    gives you tons of ideas, and more than the usual jeans and t-shirt.

    Billy is another blogger that I like, he has nice tutorials too. Here is one for the Belleza body we have suggested for you: https://billybeaverhausen.com/2021/09/25/belleza-jake-3-0-mesh-body-with-lelutka-mesh-head/

    But this blogger may post outfits with latex for men and sometimes a review of male "bits". So if nude and semi-nude avatars offend you, stay away from it.

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  8. Now I sent my address to the owner of the big list, so hopefully I get more clicks.

    Since it is no way I can get more than the first bear, I made my own competition: My pumpkin must get as many clicks as possible, so I can reset the bucket, hopefully reset it several times during this event! 💋

    My bucket have 66 candies given out, that will not do!

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  9. If you want a great looking, roundish butt, Belleza Jake has it. I do not believe you will get the body you want with Slink.

    But Signature Gianni is a great pick. I would take it, but demo and take a look at the butt first. It is flatter than Belleza Jake.

    You can try this beard demo with the head demos: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Action-Inkubator-Beard-Gus-DEMO-BENTO-RIGGED/16040111

    no.match has a lot of male long hair. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/174575

    I am not sure about what type skin to suggest. I would say that "all" skin stores has tan version of their skins. Should it look young or have some lines?

    Violet eyes, try IKON. The Babylon eyes in "Passion" is very strong violet. Intense. If that's too violet, try the Apex eyes in "Darkstar".

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  10. 1 minute ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Working your way through over 2000 regions would be quite time consuming.  Last I heard there were only 300-400 buckets rezzed.   There will likely be clusters, so you could easily go through a dozen regions before finding any buckets. 

    Since you get the initial bear after getting a single candy, but then need to be in the top 100 to get anything else, it just doesn't seem worth it to me to spend hours and hours going through all of the regions.

    Yes, that top 100 is so vague. Top 25 even worse. I can't invest my time in it either. If it was fixed numbers so I didn't have to compete like blind, I would know what to get.

    So few buckets rezzed? Was it not informed about in citizens groups? I mean, I am practically on the forum daily, but I had missed that Patch made a new thread.

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  11. I used to love Halloween when my kids were smaller. I must say without modesty, that I am great at making costumes. Once I ordered a cheap wig from one of the Chinese internet stores and pinned a lot of small rubber snakes in it, so my daughter could be Medusa. The Gandalf costume I made for my boy also turned out great, especially with the staff I made and put a small blue ledlight in. And the plague doctor mask another year... Not to mention how I cut down large branches and leaned them on both sides of the door, so you had to go to the doorbell under lots of fake cobweb and spiders.

    But that was then. This year:

    1: Like any other day, but turning off the outdoor lights.

    2: Halloween is not a thing in my country, but when the kids was small, us neighbors knew where to go, so we did not go to any of the grumpy people who would complain about stupid american ideas.

    3: No decor in RL and my decor in SL is uninspired. I am not in the creative mood.

    4: When I made costumes.

    5: Nothing in particular. People respect when the lights is turned off.

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  12. 26 minutes ago, Cinos Field said:

    I went ahead and tried this event. Ran through about ten Belly sims. Didn't find a single bucket. Gave up.

    I also see no particular reason why us Mainlanders can't rez buckets, but whatever, it's not that big a deal for me.

    Oh, come here and click so I get the bucket number moving up.... It has not moved for hours. You get that first bear with only 1 candy.

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alban Heights/55/120/25

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  13. 21 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    Very much agree. I almost never (have I EVER? Not sure.) participate in hunts which are ALSO contests or draw OR whoever-has-the-most-alts-to-vote wins   events.   I want to know that the work I put in will get some payback :D.   And yes, lots of bad press about the scarcity of  candy buckets likely plays a large part. 


    The fact that at least 92 people are playing is good. Honestly I would have guessed less from the comments here.  

    It must be more than 92, I heard that people who set the location of their buckets on a list got several hundred clicks.

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  14. To continue my last post: I did not know I could set out a bucket later than the start day.

    Maybe the hunters don't know buckets can be placed out later? They have crossed off every region and think they are done now, nothing more to find? You who are in that Bellisseria Citizens group, do the hunters consider the hunt is over?

    Maybe it is not worth searching again, because few put out candy late, like me? Maybe only 4 or 5 does it?

    The event ends on November 1, so it is plenty of time left.

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  15. Visitors to my candy bucket has dropped. I thought it should be more in the weekend, not less. It has not reached 92 yet.

    It is still so many days left. What has happened? Do people quit now because it's so few buckets?

    It would be better, I think, if it was set numbers to get the bears. Let us say, you need 80 candies to get the second one, after the "starter" bear. So maybe 125 candies to get the next, 250 candies to get the super special one.

    Now you have to be one of 10 at the top to get the super special one, and you have no idea how many candies the other players have. Will you be 11th from the top and miss the bear you wanted?

    At least with a number of candies, you were sure that you got the price as soon as that number was reached.

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  16. Despite people having good reasons to steer away from Legacy, I think it is the best looking body and easy to make curvy or thin. It has enough clothes, lingerie and shoes support to make people happy. I love my Maitreya, but I have never studied it between the legs. Not have I studied Legacy between the legs.

    I don't know about bits. Can't you @AnnabelleApocalypselook up the bit store for the product you use now, and see if they offer bits for Legacy as well?

    Legacy has high complexity and lots of triangles. It can cause issues for weak computers. Or at lest people say so. I am not knowledgeable enough to confirm it.


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  17. 10 hours ago, Rabid Cheetah said:

    Been to ten regions, only found one bucket.  I quit.

    So maybe you should not hide your bucket that's at the caravan. It is hard enough to find candy, and a hidden one can be the last drop for people to quit.

    I set out a pin for those who are using the Bellipin HUD. I think it's so few buckets, and people need all the encouragement they can get.

    I have already decided to not participate as a hunter, I only host a bucket. I took 1-one candy and say that's enough. I have no hope to be in the top. I can not dedicate so much time to it. It is only bears, and after they hype is over, it is forgotten.


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  18. Adding: IKON is an old brand in Second Life, and I think they have maybe the biggest selection of colors. Their system eyes is great to use with BoM. It is often a set of group gift eyes in the store. The group is free to join.


    You can of course go for the safe option and a brown color like Coffee, Chocolate or Espresso. But I think lighter eyes is good with dark hair and tan skin. They stand out more. Colors I like, Hazel, Iron, Soldier, Oxidation and Industrial. The names change from eye set to set, but you can see that they are not brown, but more lighter and interesting.


  19. I just build on what @Bree Giffensays, using my words. And a picture ;).

    My 2 cent: Do not buy mesh eyes. It is much easier to use the Lelutka eyes. You must add the Lelutka eyes in the folder. This may sound like I am talking nonsense, but it is surprisingly many that don't add the Lelutka eyes.

    1: The red arrow point to where you activate Bakes on Mesh. For this, you use any system eyes you want, they have an eye symbol and not a cube. They replace the Greg eyes.

    2:The next option is to use the built in eye textures that comes with the head. Use any of the options where the yellow arrow is pointing. This turns off BoM, but the system eyes will probably poke through. You need an eye alpha. It is one in the Lelutka folder. I do not remember the name of the alpha, but it is probably only one in there.

    3: You do not like the Lelutka eyes, and can't find any system eyes you like, but you find appliers you prefer. Add the Hud, and the default Lelutka eyes change to the new applier eyes. You must keep the eye alpha on.

    BoM = System eyes and NO alpha. But you must still use the default Lelutka eyes!

    The Blue arrow points to where you can adjust the eye texture if you think the eyes sit too high or low, or you look slightly cross-eyed. This adjustment only work on the Lelutka eyes. Not on other mesh eyes, you need to manually edit them, and that can be a long process.

    I am wearing system eyes IKON Promise Eyes - Clarity (M) and have adjusted them more down and a bit further apart. I can also change the size of the iris - bigger or smaller.


    eyes h_001a.jpg

  20. On 10/21/2021 at 4:45 PM, Claire Atheria said:

    Yes! Pumpkins can be rezzed anytime before the event ends on the 1st.

    I set out the bucket about 6 hours ago, and it already got 16 clicks. That was fun. It is one other candy bucket in Alban Heights. ;) Two in a region, that's good, no?


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  21. No Victorian house available just now. It is Camper, Chalet, Log Home and Fantasy Home.

    This can change very fast, and a Victorian pop up. But you should know that it can take some time to get a Victorian house.

    From my experience, the 4 house types I listed over is the most likely to be available. The Victorian houses is not impossible to get. The most sought after is Stilt on Pier, Stilt on Water, and Houseboat. Then comes Stilt on Land, Traditionals and Victorians.

    I will recommend to use a Auto Refresh and Monitor for your browser. This way you do not have to refresh manually, but can do other things while it works silent in another tab. I have tried to refresh the page manually, but it simply does not work for me, since I forget to refresh the page. 😦

    The time you have your computer on, the Auto Refresh on and you being able to respond quickly, will play a big role in how fast you can score a Victorian. But it is also very much luck. You can open the page for the first time and get the house you want.

    Hey! I refreshed now and a Victorian is there! I am not kidding!

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  22. 5 hours ago, Nika Talaj said:

    I'm told that earlier Wednesday folks in Belli chat were saying that the pumpkins stop working after 91 touches.  Don't know whether the owner has to re-rez them then, or just reset the script.  Seems a pity that pumpkin owners in high-traffic locales won't be able to see a larger total!

    We just put out pumpkins tonight, no time to really decorate for Halloween, or to put together our own gift.   Maybe later.

    There was quite a crowd at Millbank (I picked up the other buckets I needed at Randelsham), so I hope that by the time I can spend another hour trick-or-treating there will be lots of homes with them, and it will be quite feasible to just wander around and find pumpkins :)  Not interested in winning, so not using the list or pins.  Also, I like to look at people's homes, so I'm a really slow trick-or-treater 🎃

    Our pumpkins may be too late to make any lists, and I don't have time to do pins, so let me just mention that both our home in Dimanche and the Boarding House next door, where our alts live, have candy :)  I put a pumpkin way in the back of our home in Lost Caves, just to see if folks ever explore parcels to find them.

    I have a private bet with myself that absolutely nobody will make it to our pumpkin in Kuga.  That boat is pretty isolated!

    So it is possible to set out candy now, even if it is so late? I can set out one at my house now?

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