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  1. Thank you for the very nice reply, It is much apreciated. Its a sad moment for us, but we are looking positive for the future. I also want to take a moment to raise a special thank you to ExoticBanker, Bugsy, Sorina, ThirstyCamel, Tedt, Casper Warden & Jez Ember, And those at R&A. (I would love to thank lots of other individuals, but doing so would be biasing customers). All of you have supported us from a long time ago. So thank you: Bugsy, You are always keen to help out with the testing of our games and willing to take the risk on running some of them when they were in their early days. You even ran our first ever games, 7Heaven and BarMania and was quite literally, our first customer. Sorina, Without you we would likely not have bothered with gaming, You are a pillar of the gaming community and have always supported all creators equally and have have had a major positive impact on gaming. Exotic, You are certainly another pillar of the gaming community, Your charity event I have always seen as the one event that got us noticed in Second life. Allowing us to test on your land, your promotion of games from a wide range of creators with out bias to any perticular genre. And one of the few customers that used my own favorite game of ours, DropZone. As well as a good friend ThirstyCamel, Whist I didnt really know you before I invited Derby to the team, I was always kept informed of your help and guidance along the way. You have always been a keen supporter of Froggy Leisure. Tedt. You where there with us from the very very beginning, You gave us free ride when we opened up our theme park, You helped us out when we first made a game in Avination, and to this day you continue to support us. R&A, All of you have been brilliant, You have never been biased to any creator, You have tweaked and given us help and advice. And you where another of our first customers when you had Gorilla Games. And you where always keen to help out with things if needed. Casper & Jez, Without you two we would never have existed, You both encouraged me to script. You let me loose in your theme park. You showed me that Second Life was a valid business platform. Jez, you pushed fun gaming in second life to the limits to show what LSL can do. And Casper you created the best vendor system ever. And you are both very awesome friends Please dont be offended if I have not mentioned you, We have had a vast amount of help and support over the past few years, all of which has not gone unnoticed, and all of which is greatly apreciated. Love to all Froggy
  2. Froggy Leisure has made an important announcement in the following thread, It is as a seperate thread from here as I am sure it will raise discussion outside of the scope of this thread. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Froggy-Leisure-Announcement-Skill-Gaming-Related/td-p/2877197 Regards Paul Cowper
  3. Dear Froggy Leisure Customers and Players. When Froggy Leisure started creating games in Avination we where having a lot of fun creating and releasing. Then we came to Second Life and released many games, Although it wasn't until recently that we released what we would consider a successful game, Lucky Rainbow, The passion that we put into this game made the whole experience highly enjoyable for us and our players as well as profitable. How ever Froggy Leisure has never, ever been about how much money we can make. Froggy Leisure is after all just 2 friends who enjoy making and games and serving customers. How ever the recent TOS changes have changed things for us a lot. The lack of transparency in the process, the complete lack of priority and our own ability to afford the costs associated with the new TOS has started to personally cause me stress, which in turn is affecting mine and my family's life. Normally I can take a bit of stress here and there, But as Myself and my Fiancé are expecting a baby in March. The stress and financial pressure that these changes have introduced has needed to stop. This after all is now affecting my family life, and simply put... Family first. There for we have made the decision to transfer the rights for both Lucky Rainbow and Hungry Monkey within any Linden Lab environment to Sushant. He will then be handling the application process for both of those games. As part of the deal, Sushant will be honouring all existing purchases. Although it is likely there will be a nominal commission too, how ever it would have been likely that we would have to have done the same our selves. We still retain the rights outside of Linden Lab grids. There for we still own the rights in Avination etc etc. This is the first step in a series of changes of our business over the coming year, This includes re-branding and releasing our brands outside of virtual worlds too. This means that Froggy Leisure in Second Life will cease to exist, And should we decide to ever release in Second Life again, it will be under a different name. I know that this transfer will damage our reputation, but ultimately, family comes first. I have secured a deal which I feel keeps everyone as happy as possible and that removes the pressure on me. So I now take this time to give a special thank you to Derby Hansome, who has been a fantastic Sales and Support guy and Friend. He will be continuing with us as we evolve. Thank you to our customers, who have been the most supportive and pleasant people to have worked with, and its great to see some of you over in other grids. Thank you to our players, without whom, there would be little point in creating what we have. And thank you to our competitors, You are some of the most talented people around. I know that a lot of you wont be around any more but rest assured, you can push your talents far beyond the limited capabilities of Second Life. We at Froggy Leisure wish you continued success in your Second Life. The kindest of regards and thanks, and a very merry christmas from all at Froggy Leisure. Mzchaos Frog & Derby Hansome.
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