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  1. welcome rod to sl. i hope u have an enjoyable experience in our world.....the delay in market delivery....the sudden loos of inventory...and the lag....oh yes the lag and last but not the least...if u happen to piss sumone off in game....the griefers. those are a few of the daily occurences happening....actually several times a day. i hope ur experience in gaming will bring sum needed intelligence on how to make this game more stable. dont get me wrong....i love this place or i wudnt still be here....but alot of days i just log off cus all it does is frustrate me. merry christmas and again...
  2. i dont know exactly wer to post this so imma start here. i have tried out several viewers and it seems to me that linden labs or whoever the hell programs sl needs to focus on the stability of the website as a whole. i have not been able to tp anywer...i have weird attachments showing up on various parts of my avitar and quite frankly i am sick of it. i have spent alot of monet playing this site and for wat?...itsa waste of time and energy. i remeber wen i first started sl it wasnt this bad but as time goes by...it gets progressivley worse. so dearest Linden Labs....how bout getting ur head
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