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  1. I have used the conjoiner before.

    it is an invisible vehicle that both avatars sit in and become animated using the animations in the conjoiner.

    It works best of both avatars are similar in height, and have their normal AO's turned off.

    One of the avatars "drives" the transparent vehicle around.

    If i remember right it's the pink poseball, it has been over a year since I dug this out of my inventory an tried it.

  2. Hello,

    I have been having a problem with one of my computers when i try to start up any second life viewer.

    This has just started up within the last week.

    When i try to start up the viewer it gets to the hardware detect stage then crashes.


    I have tried clean installs of:

    the current release version LL viewer

    LL beta viewer maintinance release from 11/20/2015

    Firestorm 32 bit havok version 4.7.5(47975)

    Firestorm 64 bit version 4.7.5(47975)

    Alchmey 3.8.5 (October 25, 2015)

    Firestorm 64bit version 4.7.3(47323) worked previously, but not now.

    I get the same crash from all of these.


    The only recent changes to the system are windows updates and clean installs of new viewer versions.


    system setup:

    AMD Phenom II x6 1045T processor at stock clock speed

    gigabyte Geforce GTX 970 at stock clock speed Driver version 359.00 (November 19,2015)

    12GB ram

    Windows 10 Pro with all current updates ( the 1511 update installed)

  3. you could try  the freebie avatars by Wingless Emoto.

    There are blue foxes and blue wolves in the big freebie box that is on marketplace

    the Wingless Emoto avatars were also at "The Shelter" new user area inworld last time I was there.

    by mixing and matching some of the pieces you could get started in making your avatar your own.

    just keep an eye out for other freebie avatars that have pieces that you could use.



  4. You might want to take a look at these two avatars that are for sale up on marketplace to use a base for your avatar.

    Furry Wolf Blue by Black Feather Designs


    Sculpted Furry Wolf - dark blue by Dark Spot Designs

    both of these have similar fur patterns to your character shown in the model sheet.

    most of the other blue canine avatars that I have seen have white fur running down farther on the legs or white "socks" up to the knee.

    both of the avatars listed above will need some minor work tinting the head to make the head evenly blue instead of lighter in the jaw.

    This was just from a quick search on marketplace. There might be other avatars that I have missed that would be closer.

    Best of luck with your avatar


  5. I have run SL on an eMachine d250 with no problems other than very low frame rate.

    Windows 7 starter 32 bit

    Intel Atom at 1.66ghz

    intel 945 on board graphics

    memory upgraded to 2MB

    while I wouldn't recommend this as the only computer to run second life on, It is useful to pop in and check messages or stand still and chat. Using the current release ( as of 05/17/2012) of the linden labs viewer i get around 3 frames per second with this netbook. Voice chat, text chat, and sound work well.

    when I first started in SL over a year and a half ago I only used this netbook. The previous versions of the LL viewer circa 2.1 (depending on graphics settings) would get up to 10 fps on this tiny computer.

  6. A friend of mine has also run into this problem.

    She was running OS X 10.5 on a macbook pro.

    an example of the problem on her computer : when she wore the alpha layer for a pair of shoes the top half of her avatar would disapear also.

    as a temporary fix she used Imprudence viewer, which still uses the older graphics code. However Imprudence viewer does not show mesh.

    When she updated to 10.6 the updated gpu drivers distributed with the OS corrected the problem. Now alpha layers show correctly on her computer when using the latest Linden Labs viewer and Firestorm 3.3.0

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