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  1. This is far from an accurate representation of the majority of residents in Second Life. If it was they would have to change the name to Haters Life. These are the same people who come out and complain in the blogs about every decision that the Lindens make. Next week they will be complaining about the price of tea in china. This is why the Lindens do not interact with the blogs as much as they used to do. Do you blame them? Now the cyberbullies want to scare the teens from the main grid with all of these hatful and intolerant comments towards the teens. Just ignore them. You will more than likely never even see any of them If these people are so afraid of being arrested by undercover police posing as teens in the PG areas, here is an easy way to avoid this, keep the weird stuff in the adult sims and out of the PG ones. That is not to hard to do.
  2. "karma has a way of biting ya and grants in the backside, as you see now " Karma will come around to the RP sims January 2012 when their tier/maintenance fees increase. Then we will will hear a whole chorus of new complaints singing the Blues when it is their turn to pay more.
  3. It really amazes me how everytime Linden Lab decides to change something in Second Life for the greater good that will help the grid become unstagnated for all of us, along comes the adult content crowd screaming for their rights to have poseball sex. They did not want Education, Religious groups or Corporations in Second Life, and now they do not want the teens in Second Life. Second Life needs change to bring in more people in order to benifit the majority.
  4. How is this different from Google, Msn, or other chat services that allow all ages to use it? If you keep the nudity and sexual content in the Adult areas(like it is supposed to) and off the main continent, there should be nothing to worry about. People are making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  5. On the upside of Mesh. Creators will be able to work on their desktops and not in a sandbox,(No more annoying IM's when building) they will not even need to own land.( other than lease a small 16M parcel for their Magic Box) 3d Tech students can even sell their school projects on Xstreet after they get their grade. Designs made with mesh should be more inexpensive,( low overhead costs) and help the SL economy.
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