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  1. I'm looking for a new mesher. Must be able to rig clothing, shoes and jewelry for these bodies : Maitreya, Slink (male and female + hourglass) and Signature (Gianni and Gerlat) Make static and decor items Willing to pay well for excellent work. (Pref around 15 an hour but there is a little wiggle room) Also, must be timely (which is the reason I need a new mesher, I don't wanna wait 3 months for a product) Items must be exclusive to me and my brand.
  2. I'm looking for a mesher who can do both clothing and regular objects for me. The bodies I want to work with are Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique, As well as Slink Male, Signature Gianni and Geralt. Willing to pay fair prices for someone who can meet the quality I desire. If we get on well enough, this'll be long term employment.
  3. Thank you Whirly Fizzle! Thank Fixed it! You rock, I was totally baffled by it!
  4. That's not the one we're trying to use though, so repeatedly showing me that isn't answering my question. BDSM Events is the full name of the group, plus we've tried others under the Group Tab, not in the web search. We know it shows up there, we want to know why it's not working for the Group Tab. I put a picture up showing which one we're using, we just want to know why That part isn't working.
  5. This is the group search we're using inworld, we all have our settings to allowed adult rated search terms (considering another term we used brought up some pretty freaky groups it's not our inability to see adult content)
  6. So me and my friends have tried this, but when we type BDSM into the search box for groups, everything comes up not found. We tried groups we Know exist like BDSM Events, etc. So I am wondering why now groups with BDSM in the tag are not showing up? Thanks.
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