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  1. you are an angel in person, thank you very much for the invitation from the heart, very noble of you this attitude, but the question is not this, that we want to have a home anyway, but the disappointment and frustration of our rights as a prize. You're welcome! S2
  2. That's why I think they should wait until there is room for everyone. Look, I'm not going to comment any more, you were perfect! And see our difficulty in playing second life, here in my country ("that the dollar is 4.02 Brazilian Real") .. that is, we have to pay "4x" in comparison to the American of course it is not our people's responsibility to be well below, I just say that a Brazilian when playing second life is why he likes second life "), so it's not fair for you to pay a premium and receive half, it's not fair with anyone. They should open these second houses only when all the prize they would have the same houses, that would avoid all this created feeling.Now you ask in the air is, will somehow provide compensation to those who have been homeless? ..I do not think so. or where it is the value of the users, and second life has arrived where it is because of its users being prize or not prize many contribute much with their creations and time played, therefore what reason to play second life, for me is the people have friends and if these friends give up playing?
  3. Me and my family will keep you company.
  4. I was also in the same situation, I stayed there during the 24 hours updating the page "F5", until finally it opened! and nothing appeared for me, I saw an empty house with no owner, yet nothing opened the window of the villages more unfortunately "Bellisseria" was only for the beautiful not for the ugly (Lmao) ... then in the Bellisseria group, I ' 50 houses available runs'! I restarted my explore and logged in and nothing, then I got discouraged and gave up and watched others pick up. I do not know why this happened, but my point of view was that they should have opened these new houses when at least 90% of the existing prize could be obtained, as this causes frustrations and discouragement again with the SL community, I play almost since SL remember the beginning of the sl for being military sometimes was off for a while, as I was 4 years out was on missions by my country. now with more time and trained in programming and graphic designer, a friend convinced me to play "second life", I decided to play again and now with goals in mind to be a creator, even my computer is full of knits that I created, even because "second life is a goalless game, you make your goal here, and the biggest goal and have friendships, but with events like these cause discouragement, and friendships stop playing.
  5. how to increase numbers of the free prims homes 512m² 117 Prim count
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