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  1. I keep getting loged out of v2 with my main av, but my alt is ok. I can get my main on Phoenix, but not on v2 or firestorm. The clothing is difficult to get to rez on Phoenix, for my main alt.
  2. I have not been able to log into V2 for about 2 weeks, I cant change my old obsolete email address for a new one, it just doesnt accept it. What the hell do I do I have sent 2 notecards, has my computer cleand and fixed by an expert. I dont know a lot about tec side of computers, Seems like a sl probolem to me.
  3. I have a new computer and my old email for sl has not been put on, now my computer man has gone on holidays, he also has my old computer. I have been trying to put a new email on my account but it wont accept it.
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