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  1. Hello, I am having the same issue as Cindy is... I also had similar issue using Singularity as well.. this is the reason why I switched 2 days ago to firestorm and now firestorm wants to do the same thing. I've clean cleared all caches and uninstall reinstall, reboot, I mean done everything and still same problem IF I do make it be fully logged in it immediately freezes and the only way to shut down is to use task manager. I don't know what else to do???? I'm running windows 10 on a desktop pc. firestorm version 6.0.2 64-bit It started with crashing after every tp I do... then I was good for a bit and now this has happened...ugh! Help! Thanks.
  2. Same here a few months ago no problem this whole two weeks it's been getting worse.. I can't tp without going grey and no choice but to press "quit" it's super annoying I barely can get my avatar to fully load and I have hardly if any scripts on me. I just can't seem to stick. Some of my friends think I'm crazy as it looks like I'm logging in and out in the matter of seconds, I mean I log in 20-30 seconds after loaded I crash😓...it's pointless and frustrating! I hate all the other viewers as Singularity to me is so simple and easy on the eyes to manage but dang...this crashing nonstop is driving me insane!😖
  3. I understand where you are coming from I am currently dealing with this too. I have been using Singulairity for a VERY long time and up until the past 6 months or so I was doing just fine with it. First problem was the textures were WAY off, I figured it was just me because my slhubby had the same viewer and she showed me his screen and his was just fine. Never found out what is the problem. I then just kept uninstall and reinstalling over and over..it was annoying to the point I didn't even wanna bother with it. I think it fixed itself cause it's ok right now. Now within the past 3 months whenever I log in I get all the same media errors like you do...a bunch of them..I don't know why they are coming up now...I didn't change anything up at all. I'm going to try one last time to uninstall and reinstall once more and see if they go away. I disabled my anti-virus which is scary to do so since so much sharing and passing happens in sl and you want to be safe and ur friends safe but what can you do??....I checked my firewall that didn't help at all...more of a nucance than anything. I hate to switch viewers..I got firestorm but I don't want to use it..I don't like it at all. my slhubby is using it and he loves it. I heard through the grapevine that LL is getting rid of all 3rd party viewers completely. I hope not though. In the mean time find me in SL if you fixed this issue with the media because I'd sure like to know... MuzikGurl Serenity. <3
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