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  1. Issues on Grand Pacific (Magnum) after yesterdays restarts. Friends randomly appear to go offline even though they are still online. IM's to most people get the standard "[11:07:53] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later." and they don't get the IM even though they are still online. Restarting the region helped for a bit last night but today even another restart hasn't helped. Today I'm also getting "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region". This error is coming from scripted items and from huds. Moving to a region on a different server stops the IM issues although a relog is needed to correct my friends list to show who is really online and as soon as I go back to Magnum it starts again.
  2. Just noticed this today when trying to upload some textures... The "Temporary Upload" option is no longer available on Magnum regions. It's still available on the others. FWIW: I've been noticing the same clothing issues others are mentioning.
  3. Antimony Battery wrote: "...I'm wondering if a SOPA-blackout style protest where MP store owners put all their items in inactive status for a day or two isn't in order? I like ^this^ idea a lot! It would certainly put things in perspective in a quantifiable manner for LL. I'm beginning to see some good sized merchants doing this and I have now unlisted all of my own items. It may cost me a few sales but since I'm not getting paid for the stuff that sells anyway I don't guess it matters and at least this way LL won't continue to screw me out of the money I should be getting. Additionally, I now refuse to BUY anything on marketplace. I'll go to the in world shops instead so I know the merchants are getting their money.
  4. I have this script from the script library and it does pretty much what I need it to do. Except I need it to say the quotes randomly instead of in order. Can anyone help? I'm a total lost cause when it comes to scripting. Thanks in advance! // Touch a quote script // By CodeBastard Redgrave // Reads quotes from a notecard and displays them sequentially when you touch! // BEWARE it cannot handle quotes more than 256 characters. Split them into multiple lines if needed. // This is a free script, DO NOT RESELL! // It's loosely based on the classic dataserver script from the LSL wiki. // Feel free to modify it to make your own book! Make code not war <3 string notecardName = "Quotes"; integer currentLine; key notecardRequestID; integer quoteIndex; integer numberOfQuotes; list listOfQuotes; init() { integer numberOfNotecards = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_NOTECARD); if (numberOfNotecards) { currentLine = 0; notecardRequestID = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName, currentLine); llOwnerSay("Loading notecards now..."); } } default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) llResetScript(); } state_entry() { init(); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, llList2String(listOfQuotes, quoteIndex)); if (numberOfQuotes <= ++quoteIndex) quoteIndex = 0; } dataserver(key id, string data) { notecardRequestID = NULL_KEY; if (data == EOF) { currentLine = 0; numberOfQuotes = llGetListLength(listOfQuotes); integer freeMemory = llGetFreeMemory(); llOwnerSay("Done loading notecards!\n" + (string)numberOfQuotes + " quotes loaded, free memory " + (string)freeMemory); } else { if (data != "") listOfQuotes += [data]; notecardRequestID = llGetNotecardLine(notecardName, ++currentLine); } } }
  5. My first thought was also network. But I'm having identical issues on 2 different networks and 2 different computers. Both networks and both computers have been reset and speed tests show normal. I'm usually the only one in the region, but I did have a friend over yesterday who said there was more lag here than normal. Symptoms 1 & 2 have been pretty consistent since the restarts. Prior to the restarts I would occasionally have items not show until I right clicked on them but nowhere near as much as it's happening now. Symptom 3 is most of the time since the restart but not every time. Yes, it's my avatar and it just slowly sinks through the floor of the skybox until it's 5-10m below the floor. Then it usually pops back up to the floor but sometimes just hovers there below it. Symptom 4 is constant since the restarts and is only happening on objects that move (ie: breedables). It's like the movement scripts keep going but the prims themselves stop as soon as they are out of camera view. When the camera is turned back to them they shoot horizontally to where their script has actually moved them to. I'm having a hard time explaining it. Symptom 5 - I can "edit" to view contents, the issue is when I try to use "Open" to copy the contents to inventory. This can be worked around with Edit and dragging the contents to my inventory but it's not an issue I had before. This is only happening on objects that have a fair number of items in the contents, ones with only a few still "open" fine. But prior to the restarts I was able to open objects with many items inside with no problem. I just tested that a bit further. By dragging about half of the contents out of the object using edit and then clicking open and waiting several minutes it did finally open. So it's possible that there was just too much stuff in that object although I did have others last night that did the same and they weren't nearly as full. Packet loss was 0% just now while I did that. Edit to add: It should also be noted that I am not experiencing these issues on other regions, just the magnum one.
  6. Since the restarts my Magnum region has been experiencing a number of issues. Avatars not loading (mine and others), items rezzing very slowly or not at all, slow fall through the floor of skyboxes, any item with movement "freezes" as soon as it's out of camera view and then snaps back to where it should be when the camera is panned back around, scripts not responding and unable to reset them, unable to "open" objects, and other issues. You are at 245,572.0, 241,715.0, 30.5 in Grand Pacific located at sim7400.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC Magnum
  7. Unable to rez at all on Magnum (sim Grand Pacific) since the restart. I'm not even getting Attempt to rez an object failed message, when I try to rez I just get the circle with the line through it. Relogging didn't help.
  8. Thank you. I think I understood that. *laughs I have it testing now, I'll find out tomorrow night if I did it right.
  9. I need to create an object that will change textures once per day at 9 pm slt. The script I have right now is list textures = ["0ec3304e-6eda-9556-7306-acb0846685de", "17ce195b-4077-910b-1464-7dd086f8d63a", "f0015cd5-47f4-d192-dead-024148b2bd14", "21ffc27d-dc56-c10b-0194-4def0635ae0a", "20cae3ac-4111-9d63-48d6-c890d10f2351"]; float INTERVAL=30.0; integer HOUR_OFFSET=-4; update() { integer time=llGetUnixTime()+(HOUR_OFFSET*3600); integer day=(time/(24*60*60)) % 5; integer hour=(time/(60*60)) % 24; } integer textures_number; integer current_index; default {state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(INTERVAL); update(); textures_number = llGetListLength(textures); } timer() { llSetTexture(llList2String(textures,current_index),0); if(++current_index >= textures_number) current_index = 0; } } But instead of changing once per day it is changing the script every 30 seconds. This is my first attempt at scripting and I'm really just trying to merge 2 scripts but not succeeding and I've probably mangaled it pretty badly. Can anyone help?
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