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  1. as always i get only info that i have tried or someone telling me i have unreliable INTERNET service. wrong on both occassions and as i have stated in the past as i will now as long as i am allowed to use my rl money in this or any other game then that should come with some basic help at least. that is alot of money to have just up and disappear for no apparent reason and whether or not i pay a monthly charge doesnt help as they seem to forget people pay that money monthly so that they can get the help on important issues only to find it isn't there. such as people selling land or kicking you off the land after everyone there has paid thousands of linden dollars to the land management so if that issue is not important enough to do something about why would i pay that monthly fee every month to find my problem is no more important. and live chat thats funny live chat to people that have no clue how to address the issue you are presenting to them hmmmm great advice! Happily taking more helpful suggestions if anyone has some. If i may also mention that the high chance that somewhere in the making the bridge into sl could also be the problem! maybe its not jumping on board that bridge why is it that all of you folks refuse to blame anything on those issues like when all my chimeras were disappearing every one i bought for the first to years in sl would poof disappear and wanna know where they were let me tell you stuck to some sims thats right all my missing chimeras were stuck under a sim is what i was told i do believe 30 were returned to me after long and hard fight and them taking the time to at least have a look there they were so really not every situation deserves that same over used excuse you have used here in the reply and 3 kudos i think not any one can copy the same instructions of what to do as i already did those things,but obviously not everyone is smart enough or willing to look beyond to most obvious to put extra effort into everyones sl being the best and smoothest it can be my money is as important as yours i dont enjoy waisting it i simply ask someone to take a look to see if it somehow got hung up where it shouldnt have. and im plenty smart enough to know not as dumb as i look how to copy something i read that doesnt make you any smarter then anyone else i to know how to do this lmao
  2. ok i know how to deal with my whole inventory missing and only the folders are there.80,000 items poof gone. but 2 days ago i realize im missing not just 10,000 plus items the folders have disappeared as well. all my buildings and homes tree houses,all my pirate building enough to fill a sim,plants trees,yard goodies holiday items,off sim things im talking these folders are full of ithese items well they were full furniture,under water items eveything you can imagine in around about 7 to ten folders poof gone my houses my store,everything objects,decorating things what is going on where in the you know can all this stuff be and when i try to make a ticket seems inventory problems are no longer available ??????
  3. should i find it strange how marketplace has no problem finding a duplicate that i have in my market place only because my first attempt at the merchant box switch over failed miserably leaving me with many multiple items but still i have items that are not my pictures in my market place that no one will even acknowledge really? Why haven't those been removed they aren't mine all i get is the same instruction on how to fix it after 3 + years on marketplace i think that im well aware as to how to fix. after all the it was i that got stuck fixing the mess my market place was in with 100's of my items with other peoples description or my description with someone else s picture. I have sent you time and time the exact location of these items that are still mixed up, that when i try to edit them i get sent right to market place main page and cant even get close to my own product to fix it myself but would you take the time to remove those not a chance. and why is that i sure wish i new. and since it is market places fault my store has all these items that didnt switch over as they should of. cant understand why they havent gone through the mess they made and put everything back the way it should be would seem the only fair thing to do after all. But hey have a nice day if ya want to
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