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  1. I was thinking of a more God of Linden Lab reaction, but I suppose they never read this section. I appreciate all the answers and input. Thank you, Rolig and Alwin for the answers and Lindal(for keeping it light ?). Cheers!
  2. Is there a way to recover a lost group? I made one a while back that I never invited anyone to, so it expired in the short 48 hour period to keep it alive. Now that group name is no longer available because I made it, but if it's unavailable, that would imply that it can be restored. Right? Any feedback on this is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello folks! Long time reader, first time requester. I have a need for a script that can rotate an existing hud out of the way, BUT will not permit any of the links in the linkset to cause the hud to rotate. I only want the prim I attach to the linkset to be the prim that activates the rotation, so that the functions of the existing hud still function. I tried simple door scripts to achieve this. Although they do rotate the hud as desired, ALL of the prims in the linkset do that same very thing and don't serve their original purpose anymore. Is there a script that can achieve thi
  4. Metal Gynoid and Creative Paine are both my avatars. I want to move everything on Metal Gynoid, to Creative Paine and retire Metal Gynoid. Can this be done? Alternatively, can I change Metal Gynoid's name to Creative Paine? You can tell, I REALLY like that name. I should have stuck with it when I made it, that way he would have all the wonderful resources that Metal has.
  5. Ok, here goes nuthin! (literally)... No hair, no tatts, no bike, just a GMC van and a busted Buick that I bottomed out on a terrace. I like tofu, but only plain. The only Motown I like is MJ singin' 'She's out of my life" (sound familiar?) Lady Gaga has one cool tune as far as I know, but I don't follow her gigs. I love cabbage, especially ground up in a blender, adding some water and making it a juice (for my fragile stomach). The rest of the green leafy veggies, I can eat and prefer on a deli ham sandwich. Fish is the best meat on the planet, raw or not. Pork is ok, as long as it's
  6. I have a premium account. Why cant I get a linden home?
  7. I want to renew an old avatar I cancelled.
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