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  1. I paid for the full product. Doesn't include a style card. No way to tell if the creator is even still active on SL and will ever give a response. I was hoping someone would recognize the hairstyle, or could recommend one that looks similar.
  2. The product is defective and doesn’t include the items advertised. Since there are no refunds on Second Life, reviews are all we have against defective products or false advertising. This product costs 3.20 USD. The seller can always remove the product and sell a new, fixed version if they are concerned about bad reviews. No one should buy the product in its current form without knowing that they won’t get what they pay for.
  3. Oh, I should clarify: the style card is not actually included, despite what the listing says. I contacted the seller but I haven’t heard back.
  4. I want this hairstyle, or one similar. Any help?
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