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  1. My SL account is up to date. I send a ticket in.. ty for your help
  2. I have been transfing Linden for 3 yrs now.. the transfer was completed but never posted in my paypal
  3. I cashed in lindens an it went threw BUT, it didn't not post in paypal. this was june 8th 2017. I wanted to know why my lindens transfer to cash has not posted. This never had happen in the last 3 yrs..And where do I submit a ticket?
  4. Really... Just asking. maybe somebody knew the answer...
  5. I have NOT got my Tax Form 1099 in the mail but, I have not made 200 transfers BUT made over 20,000.. Now what?..do I just go file my taxes an have the tax person figure it out or call LLs?
  6. well bc these tools use a veiwer to steal an copybott stuff.. I havd the same thing happen to me..Took my land rights, all my stuff.. I lose 50K in stuff.. I feel ya
  7. I have firestorm an I can't get my voice to work on the veiwer... It works fine on Phoenix but I want to use Firestorm.. Can somebody help to get it working?
  8. This Photo is just AWESOME!!!!.. Great Work!:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  9. love the shadows.. nice pic!:smileyhappy:
  10. Hiya all.. Yes I have the same question as Jhasmine Noyes.. I like to know how I can post 'SL Flickr of the day'..I also have a Flickr account.http://www.flickr.com/photos/knightboo/ Ty Boo Chant
  11. WOW!...Awesome photograph!...GREAT JOB!
  12. AWESOME Photo!...Very well done...:smileyhappy:
  13. OOH, this photo is very nice. Love the shadows. GOOD JOB!:smileyhappy:
  14. I like to know how you post a pic also...looking an looking... Do you have to do inworld?...
  15. Question... How do I enter a photo and, what the rules?:smileywink:
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