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  1. Thank you, what I was thinking is perhaps like witnesses providing the evidence that could change the mind of the matter perhaps? I do understand that it may be all just my wishful thinking, but I need to find out for sure.
  2. I want to ask how can someone petition a ban on sl? What happened is someone I know got banned from sl and from what I understand the reason for it was something I believe me and others could dispute. I fully understand that ll don't make these decisions lightly and that this might lead to nowhere but I also feel like I owe it to my friend to at least try and help them out. So any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Guys, once again. I respect your input but you are not telling me anything I do not actually know. I do not need to look at her profile, other people will however. I know that things like that are expensive in rl and I did not say I want to press legal charges, all I said is that this is not legal. What sucks is that two advisors seem to think that this sort of behavior is alright or at least something that no one can do something about. What sort of message is that? Now I am not quiting or anything, I am thankful for the outlet that sl provides and if there is nothing else that can be done or said then alright but do dwell on it. Someone who runs a sim in your game, pays you real world money to do it and not a pocket change either, get slandered in your game by someone who feels entitled for voice and right to make up false claims, does not support the game as much as we do even by a fraction and gets favored? I know there are protocols for everything, but at times we got to do whats actually right thing to do, especially when you have clear reasoning and backup of real life law to do it. I do not understand why things like that are allowed when all I am asking is to take down profile picks of someone.
  4. I do have to respectfully disagree. I have never reported a player before but what she does is not ok and it would be good to see if staff of sl actually took it seriously. Because lets be very basic here. What do we do? We pay hundreds of dollars to run the sim, we support sl like this and this is same as none profit business for us. Then you have someone come in and slander it, how is this different than harassment or cyber bulling? In places like sl things like that should be taken seriously because these are real world problems, avatars do no ran themselves, same as facebook profiles do not ran themselves, there are people behind the screens and some have anxiety issues. Not me, I am fortunate enough but some do, some people she has in her profile, lying about them, is sl staff ok with that? I always handle things as calmly as possible but I do take this one seriously and I do want something to actually come out of it. Like I said, idc what she does or what opinion she verbally shares and if she stays around or not, all I care for is open claim in her profile, which she parades as fact when it is based on her personal opinion. People can actually sue for things like that.
  5. There is a person on sl that has my sim, as well as one of my admins in her profile, making some false claims on us. We did report her, which by the way I never do cause sl as it is gives plenty of options to deal with griefers and harassers but in this case I felt that it is needed. Now is there a way to follow up on this because what she is doing is really not legal even. Here what happened in detail. She came to our rp sim, and started argument with one of our admins , claiming that her name is racist, which it is not true and she never had that thrown at her but hey, opinions wary so we did not hold that against her and did not give her a warning or anything of sorts, just did not continued conversation. Later that day she started to argue with me over one of the sim rules, it's an rp sim. Claiming that the site is not clear, now I don't hold that against her, just explain in detail what happened so her doing can be shown for what it really is. I did point out that she just overlooked a line, which admittedly is written in bold print and in large right there. She did not take it too well and told me that I can't take criticism and me putting "lol" is not appreciated and I am making bad first impression, that site sucks and she is right. At this point I do believe any sim owner would be in full right to ban her for sheer ignorance and disrespect but thats not how we roll so I tried to smooth it out while pointing out that first impression goes both ways. She did not seem to agree and decided to leave with a huge "your sim and everything about it sucks" message. Left and muted me so I could not even reply. After that she put in her profile picks that this place is a place to avoid and listed why, same as my admin as people to avoid. In most cases I am fine with people having other opinion, not everyone gonna like me or my sim, thats matter of life and thats ok but what she is doing is harassment. My partner sent her offliner, politely asking her to rethinking putting that in her profile because no one means her ill and that she has full right for opinion but what she does in picks is not cool. To which she replied rather rudely and insulted us all over again. How do you deal with this beside report? Because lets be very clear here, opinion and free speech is a thing but slandering is a legal issue that is punishable. She put in her profile that our admin is racist and basically thinks it's ok to use N word which came completely out of blue because she claims it in a way like "she has that as her name so this must be same thing." She is starting drama and slandering others and does it for sim as well, claiming things she does not even know or understand, plus it is clear that her quote on quote opinion/review is based largely on her bias which is not quite honest, she even makes some claims on me there which can't be more distant from truth as well. Over all, it is unpleasant thing to have around and while I do not care for something like a ban for her or anything, by all means, she should enjoy sl as all of us, but in same time she should not lie about others and places like that. I would be more than content with her being forced to remove that from her profile.
  6. We are looking to move a completely built sim and connect it to another one. The question I go is do we have you pick everything up from it? Will it get returned if we don't? Can we just leave it there and if we do leave it there, do we have to lock it in place? Would you suggest picking up gatchas at least? Like is there any way moving a sim can mess up the build on it?
  7. That means when connecting two sims north side of the sim that you are moving will always be connected at the south side? Like there is absolutely no way of moving a sim and connect south to south? Just wanna make sure that question is clear, cause we have sim already built to where connecting north to south will mean we have to rebuild entirely.
  8. When connection two sims, can you spin the one you connect? Like Say I want connect south to south instead north to south.
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