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  1. Greetings all! I'm having a little problem with viewer2 I use viewer 2 but I keep receiving a message (in a window) before logging in to download the new version! how can I stop it?.. then also I receive another message when I log in!!! sometime I accidently accept it and it downloads then I have to re-install viewer2 again could you please help?
  2. Hi ! Thanks for your efforts, what I've noticed in the new version in the IMs.. and the way we write IMs. I had to get back to the previous version just for the instanst message
  3. What I didn't like in the new version is IMs, I didn't like them in the top.. can I change their place? and put them in the same place in Viwer2?
  4. Hello everyone I upgraded viwer2 but I didn't like it at all can I get back to the previous version? Thank you
  5. Rodie Eun Jacki Silverfall Thanks alot! that's sounds good but I'm looking for a (website) because I want to use it on iphone... I use that app Rosie but it doesn't work these day! .. so I thought may be there's a website for that just as ebuddy.com for MSN.
  6. Greetings all! I'm looking for a website to log in to SL and chat with friends just for IMs..
  7. Hello everyone.. I have a problem with SL today, first I couldn't log in by viewer 2 but I could with phoenix and iphone this is what I get when I try to log in viewer2 http://www.gmrup.com/d1/up13065436942.gif phoenix http://www.gmrup.com/d1/up13065436941.gif iphone http://www.gmrup.com/d1/up13065436944.gif thank you... Kinda
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