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  1. Here is an SLURL. Feel free to explore and if you have any questions, just ask. Most of our staff is in world in SL evenings, we need more coverage other times. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twist%20of%20Fate/192/162/48
  2. Thank you for your reply! Currently we are not involved with any other sims than the Steamlands but that isnt to say we would not be. We are open to all visitors that enjoy what we have to offer, rp guests or not. The goal is the same, an intelligent and elegant sanctuary with good conversation and fun. So the answer is that we will work with any; we just need in-house resources, and the right ones - those that fit in with us and enjoy what we are trying to do! The website has our current weekly events, we also have a special event tomorrow (Saturday 2/28) evening from 7-9pm SLT. This will be our Night of Decadence Masquerade Ball, at our seaside pavillion about the western county cliffs. Dress is elegant decadence (so stay classy, please!), masks required. Music will be classical. All are welcome! Since I am at work, I do not currently have the SLURL. Lynn
  3. Sakura is looking for two very special women to be part of our family. The position is roughly 90% social, 10% more adult oriented. There are no 'on-duty' hours, but we would prefer that Sakura become your home base in SL. We are not a sex club or bordello, but a House of Companions. We are looking for elegant, refined, intelligent and discreet women who like to meet people, care about others, and are flirtatious and sociable. Who we are - Sakura Bellefleurs is a sanctuary for those that enjoy elegance, class and refinement. Our concept is based upon an amalgamation of the Firefly Companion Guild concept, the Venetian cortigiani oneste and the Parisian demi-monde and the salons of the 19th century, independent and educated women (for their time) of uncommon intelligence, wit and discretion. We offer Second Life social events emphasizing all of these qualities, in addition to fun! Whether it is the Steampunk dance in the Library on Thursday evenings, the classical music salons on Sunday evenings or Monday's fencing practices, we look to have fun in a peaceful, drama-free environment. At every event, conversation and discussion are actively encouraged. We are open and welcoming to all residents of Second Life, and want to reach out especially to those in the Steamlands sims, with whom we share a common ethos and many bonds. Our website is Sakura Bellefleurs If interested or if you just have any questions about Sakura, please contact me, Lynn Mimistrobell, via IM or notecard in world or at my email, lynnmimistrobell@gmail.com with the subject heading "Sakura".
  4. Oh!! To answer the question, I usually stick with them.
  5. I wanted black eyes, and took a while finding ones I like - they are Fashism (I cant remember if they are IKON, I am at work and can't check). I don't know if they 'speak' to people, being black, but I think they do give some personality. Like I said, it was hard finding black ones I liked! Lynn
  6. I returned last spring after a one to two year absence, and really re-evaluated what I wanted and how I wanted to look. In my previous incarnation, I had the red hair and pale skin but on my return I knew I wanted to part time have a gypsy persona. I went for a darker skin, tweaked my shape quite a bit and changed hair color. Although not always a gypsy now, I still love to find high quality clothes that fit who I want to be, much more than I did a year ago.
  7. For the spring, I guess it would be coldLogic as well. I am still looking for more places for good gypsy outfits, and for more casual modern clothes, as it seems I use Zaara completely for modern casual.
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