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  1. You are talking about a totally different situation, a personal alt that expresses the fun of another version of you, or an experimental situation. My argument is about and against the creation (or, more often, purchase) of hundreds and perhaps thousands of alts in order to gain 'rank' and walk proudly as a big vampire soulkeeper. In most cases these alts are just souls held - the soulholder doesn't have the passwords. They were made by someone and then bought as hudded bloodlines souls - only. Even if made by the soulholder, they are just numbers ...
  2. One thing I would love to see is the ability for destroyed souls to count negatively on the liege. So far, the destroyeds count negatively for the clan only, and are deduced from the total count - I would LOVE to see the same being seen in the statistics on a persnal level as well. For example, the total soul count (and therefore the one counting upwards) to be affected by the number of destroyeds. If I have 10 souls and 2 are destroyed vamps or lycans or hybrids AND lieged to me, my total soul count should be 8. Destroyeds are no good as they are really made inactive and often alienetate
  3. LOL quite a thorny topic .... heheh Well, since we are greedy - and not for blood - many in the vampire game create alts. And not some - tons and tons of them. Not for blood mainly, but for the soul count. Not 5 or 6, not 10, but hundreds. There are people with thousands. Everyone knows - there are more alts overall than real players. Personally, I don't play for rank. I play for the fun of it. As much as people can be drama, troubles, fights, lunacy, etc, they are FUN. There is no fun in being lonely and have no friends, no people around you - just your alts, who will not wish you on y
  4. To me, none whatsoever. I consider this a mature level game - and vampire sims as mature sims. Often, although of course not always, kid avis wish to do baby rp and talk baby talk, or ask nappies changed and act spoilt. I honestly can't see this fit vampire rp or practices. I have a hard time seeing a kid in a vampire club where there may be dance poles and maybe a bit of teasing. Lines are hard to draw, any sensual rp in front of a kid avi is against the TOS, I believe, and many bite animations are extremely sensual. Occasional mature content may be present both on a sim and on a group ch
  5. Most beautiful !!! You sure have a gorgeous avi and take awesome pictures Mish! :-)
  6. YAY to that! A 5 liter and 50 lumen additional option would be GREAT indeed ! Filling avis liter by liter and 10 lumens by 10 lumens is sooooo time consuming and such a tedious, unpleasant process. As for the symbolic use of coffins... some like to log off (go to sl sleep) in them. Personally I love to mix darkness and light. Neither makes sense without the other. Our sim is tropical - Carribean and warm, with underwater world for vampire merfolk, beach for surfing vampires, places for hanggliding vampires, pirate vampires, dark cave for lycans - and more. We had to fill the gap of
  7. I do not claim to be an expert on vampire lore and stories, but as far as I know, for instance, sensuality in Count Dracula's story was hinted most indirectly - the Victorian era, lol. That tho, added to its dark haze of allure and mystery. What I love about the BL game is that everyone can hue it their own way. A clan for sex isn't my cup of tea - there are countless other places to get it anyways, but whatever rocks one's boat, right? Sex is one of the major motives for ...anything ... Like money and gaining high status - all 3 sometimes connected. Sex, however isn't the main rp focu
  8. At Liquid South, sipping lumens. I'd have said the photo must have been taken back in the early 1900s.... if it hadn't been for the modern chairs, lol Love it grundy! Maybe the south one should be even more worn and creaky and the red one much more luxurious and aristocratically decadent in gold, like Mishie suggests. :-)
  9. SL is supposed to be a game, and Bloodlines as well. As a result, no one should be forced to be what they may not wish to be, or make them do what they can't generally succeed in. (A good vampire in my standards is someone who, aside from any numbers, can be a supportive and caring liege, even a creator of more good vampires - but then I consider this as a psychological game (on the recruiting phase) and a social game (after having joined). Since Bloodlines is an excellent game for the formation of social groups, I much prefer and respect a socially positive (or, non-negative) human to a ne
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