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  1. Full sim - region, 15000 prims, for sale with full transfer via Linden ticket system - with extended support

    - sim name Solaryx

    - tier date 16th

    - has a real estate business already established with long time tenants willing to stay - the sim is rented 70% at the time of posting this add - the tenants love it there and they would like to stay if possible

    - you can rename and relocate it if you chose to do so at the time of transfer

    - please consider taking over the real estate business and keeping the existing tenants


    for more details please contact me in-forum here or in-world

    thank you

    Gabe Gallacher



    this is not a rental add like many other adds you may see here, placed on the wrong section - this is a full sale with full transfer of ownership

  2. Full sim/region for sale (not a homestead)

    sim name: Solaryx

    15000 prims

    tier date on the 16th

    real estate business already established with long term tenants willing to stay

    the sim is rented 60% at the time of this posting

    price US$ 500 via Linden ticketing system - I have extended support


    for more details or questions, feel free to contact me in-world via IM's and/or notecars (my IM's will not get capped, because I receive them via e-mail as well)


    Thank you

    Gabe Gallacher

  3. Hey all,
    full region with rental business already established, with dedicated tenants willing to stay for long time, for sale.
    Occupancy rate at this time 80% - making money as we speak.

    Tier date on the 16th
    Price US$ 500 via Linden Support

    I'm selling it due to real life commitments - my son is sick ready for a surgery and I have no time to manage it anymore.

    For more details, feel free to contact me.
    Gabe Gallacher

  4. Peggy Paperdoll wrote:

    "To be honest if I were that representative I probably would have been a little less patient with you. "


    ..As a customer support rep, you have to be patient and answer to questions coming from your customers.. It's part of your job... You probably wouldn't be very successful at this job...

    "She answered your questions......"


    ..No she/he did not answered to my questions....

    "....you needed to address those questions with a ticket. "


    ...yes, I did addressed them in my ticket...

    "It's obvious that was not the answer you were looking for but that's the answer she gave you."


    I was not looking for a particular answer. 

    " Your questions involved the details of some estate being moved or added (I guess that's your concern anyway).  Live Chat doesn't deal in land issues except maybe some very general questions about tier, etc.  The techicalities of an estate being moved or purchased is pretty far outside general questions about land."


    so help and support in your opinion is just to general questions..??.. If your car brakes down and needs a part to be replaced, you go to a auto repair shop, just to ask general questions, not to fix your car..??..


    " Since you say you have been an estate owner since 2006 you would (or should) know more about the details than she..........if you don't then a ticket will get you to the proper person to ask your questions."


     ..All tho I am not an expert, I know allot about estate management... That's why I was contacting live chat, to avoid any future issues of the new sim being under the same estate... And once again, for the last time, I had the ticket in as well...

    "And I got a question for you.  It sounds as if this move (or whatever it is) is scheduled..........why did you not address these questions with the person you spoke to (or communicated with) when you made the arrangements?"


     I have an answer for you.. I purchased this sim from another resident... The seller has nothing to do with the fact that the two connecting estates will be separate or not...

    "I've had about 6 or 7 occassions to use Live Chat (by the way, I'm not conceirge level..........just a premium member) and every time I've had a pleasant experience (that might be that I was polite and asked only one question at a time without reminding the rep who I was or now long I've been in SL).    I did not get the answers I wanted on all those chat sessions, but I got answers and was treated very politely and professionally.  My last occassion to use Live Chat was 3 or 4 days ago when I got a mainland sim restarted for entry issues..........I was in chat for a total of about 15 mins for a simple sim restart but I believe the rep was helping more than just me too (plus he seemed a little new).  The sim was restarted and I left the chat session satisfied.  Other times I've been in a session for less than 5 mins with a resolution to my request for a sim restart.  The times vary depending on the amount of requests.  I didn't read anywhere in that session where you were treated any way except politely.........it just wasn't the answer you wanted to hear.  There was some rudeness............but it wasn't from the scout."


    I am not sure you fully understand my concern... I am not questioning the fact that the chat rep was polite... What I am disappointed with is the fact they where unable to answer to my question, not even after more than 5 minutes waiting "on hold"... I can understand that the agent chatting with me maybe was somehow new and still learning, what I cannot accept is that no senior rep was available, or no rep with more experience was available, or no sup was available, not in special to chat with me, but more to help the agent chatting with me with the right answers so he/she can pass it on to me, "the customer"...

    I am also not sure you fully understand the concept of "customer support"

    P.S. I've identified myself as a concierge customer and a estate owner so the agent I was chatting to can narrow down the category of the issues we will address in the chat session... For no other reasons that exactly that.

    In the end I would conclude with this comment for you.

    When you're paying thousands of dollars (US$, real dollars I mean) each and every month to Linden Lab™ as an estate owner, you expect a specific level of support in return.

    I take pride in the quality of customer support we - me and my team - provide in-world for our customers, residents living on our estates. In our case, if we don't have an answer right away, we will find someone that has the answer and the customer will be served to his/her satisfaction.

    But I guess you wouldn't understand that until you "walk a mile in my shoes"...

    I wish you good luck and I hope someday you will be an estate owner requesting help and support from Linden Lab™... I am sure at that point you will understand.

    Thank you as well for your comment, I'm glad to see an active community


  5. So I guess I should be OK, as I did exactly like you mentioned, I've added in my ticket, not only as simple comment that I really want to make sure they will be separate estates, I also gave a different name to the new estate.

    I was more disappointed with the response from the chat support agent - I can understand that maybe a new front line worker may not have all the answers while is still learning, but what I cannot accept is the fact that a more senior rep or a level 2 support or maybe a supervisor with more experience was not available, not in particular to chat with me, but to assist the agent chatting to me and providing them with the right answers.

    Thank you for your input.

  6. Hey there...

    ...for all of you out there wondering how helpful is the live chat line with LL for support here is an example...

    ...maybe I should mention that I am a concierge customer since Oct. 2006 and as some of you may know already, in order to have access to "helpful" and "fast" support via live chat line from LL, you need to be a concierge level customer (and pay a minimum amount of money each and every month)...

    ...here is a transcript of my live chat session with a LL support representative...

    Chat session - Live with a Support Representative - July 14, 2011 @ 8:15 PM PT

    SydahneP: Thank you for accepting this chat.  This is SydahneP Scout

    You: hey there.. I'm an estate owner and I've initiated a HS purchase Case #: *****9623

    You: I just have few quick questions please

    SydahneP: Thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support Team, Gabe!

    SydahneP: How can I help?

    You: we will relocate the new HS close to my main region, connected to the east on the map

    You: my questions is, will they be separate estates? with separate prim management?

    You:  they will not be combined? correct?

    SydahneP: Lemme double check please

    (after more than 5 minutes of waiting)

    SydahneP: Not something I can answer you will need to address that in your ticket

    SydahneP: Have I answered all of your questions?

    You: no, you did not answered to all my questions

    You: well I did added a comment as you can see in the ticket

    You: but I just wanted to make sure how it works

    You: and wanted to ask more details about this issue

    You: if you can't answer me to this question, can you escalate this chat session to someone else 
    who will be able to answer me?

    You: I would like to chat with someone else that can answer to my questions

    SydahneP: LoL... no one here can answer your questions I'm sorry

    You: wow... really.. is this the kind of support we are paying for??

    You: nobody there can answer to my questions?

    You: can you bring a supervisor in the chat please?

    SydahneP: I'm sorry my supervisor is in a meeting

    You: this is not an acceptable answer

    You: I need some answers to my questions and I need support

    You: I am a concierge customer for many years and I am expecting reliable support and some 
    answers when I need them

    SydahneP: I am sorry if you feel this is unreliable support.  There isnt a sup available to go 
    over this with you.  Please be patient and wait for a response to your case

    You: OK... to be fair, I am informing you that this chat session will be made public to the SL 
    community and to some media outlets in US

    SydahneP: Ok that is ok

    End chat

    ...that was it... (of course, in the transcript where it shows "You" it is for my own answers to the LL help support representative)

    ...in my humble opinion this is not acceptable support... when we need help and when we need answers, we should be able to find answers and support...

    ...dear SL residents, part of this great community, helping SL grow and become better each and every day, feel free to post your comments here...

    ... to make it clear and to avoid any confusion, the issue I've raised is about combining two estates prim management and admin permissions in one... I made a comment in my ticket to make sure they will be set as separate estates, but there is a risk if they don't do it like that from the very beginning, they will charge me latter on if I need to separate the estates apart from each other... I need it more details and clarification on this just to avoid issues - and fees - in the future...

    ...maybe someone in Linden Lab™ will pay attention to our feed-back...

    Note: to protrect the privacy of the seller, I've posted just the last 4 digits of the case/ticket number, but if a Linden Lab representative will like more details to reseach the issue I'm happy to provide the full ticket number (for case they can't see it already in my account history)

    Thank you for reading and getting involved...

  7. ...this is absolutely correct... I would just add that is one of the main reasons owning land on a private estate - not on mainland - is a benefit, because the estate owner will charge the tier only for the time you own the land... in the moment you sell or drop your land, you will not pay the tier anymore starting with that very moment... 

    ...maybe I should add another benefit, the fact you don't need a premium account to own land on a private estate...

    ...sure, some may say that there are some private estate owners out there with unethical and unfair actions, but they are the exception from the rule and they will not last long in the land business...

    ...some due diligence is recommended when purchasing land from a private estate owner... I would suggest to consider their seniority and presence in the business...

  8. ...wow... I'm amassed to see how many replies are on this topic... but it's a good sign...

    ...well I have to agree in order to place your own home/skybox you need land... and there is no way you can have land - so you can place your home or sky box - and same time not to pay rent or tier fees...

    ...not sure what your friend is talking about telling you that they never had to pay a dime after they set up their home... maybe the landowner is allowing them to use the land and prims for free, or they have some kind of a special unique agreement in place, but someone - the landowner - is still paying for the rent or tier...

    ...now I am just curious and I am sorry if I don't see it, but what is "Hralp =3" stand for..??..

  9. ...the blunt answer for "your friend" is NO... like in RL, after you buy land or a home, you have weekly, month;y, yearly expenses like maintenance, utilities, taxes, etc. etc... here in SL all those are condensed in what is commonly called tier fees...

    ..when you - or anyone else for that matter - will buy land in SL, you will in fact buy and reserve a space on a hard drive on a physical server in RL.. if you have more buying power you can buy the whole hard drive space or even the whole server... this is how you will own and manage a full region or homestead...

    ... Those servers exist in RL and they are placed on real land, in a real facility (usually called data center) and to keep them running the owners need to pay for utilities (power is just one of many), maintenance staff, security staff, etc. taxes... etc, etc. 

    ...so pretty much like in RL you need a lump sum to purchase the property itself and then you'll need money to maintain it...

  10. We are working on creating a cluster of neighboring sims to build a nice and appealing residential and commercial community where residents can have fun flying planes or other aircrafts, sailing with boats and water-jets, driving cars and motorcycles while living and shopping on this community.

    The project is already started, work is in progress and so far is successful considering the feeback from residents.

    We are looking for estate owners that have or will purchase full sims and/or homesteads to join us.

    The rules of the community are very simple - beautiful realistic appealing design with no BAN lines, no ugly privacy screens on parcels so everyone can travel free from one sim to another.

    We are active, involved and we have the time to make it happen. We are looking for the same type of partners.

    If you would like to move your existing sim or maybe to place your new sim close to us maybe we should talk about.

    If you are at the beginning of owning a sim we're glad to assist you with the start up - design, thermoforming, raw files, building & landscaping, marketing & promotion, sim management & debug, etc.

    If you would like to get involved in this project, but you don't own a estate with sims, don't worry, you can still be part of it as a shareholder.

    For more details and how to join us contact me in-world via IM's or notecards or reply to this post here.

    Active and dependable partners need it for team work with this community project.

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