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  1. Full sim - region, 15000 prims, for sale with full transfer via Linden ticket system - with extended support - sim name Solaryx - tier date 16th - has a real estate business already established with long time tenants willing to stay - the sim is rented 70% at the time of posting this add - the tenants love it there and they would like to stay if possible - you can rename and relocate it if you chose to do so at the time of transfer - please consider taking over the real estate business and keeping the existing tenants for more details please contact me in-forum here or in-world thank you Gab
  2. Full sim/region for sale (not a homestead) sim name: Solaryx 15000 prims tier date on the 16th real estate business already established with long term tenants willing to stay the sim is rented 60% at the time of this posting price US$ 500 via Linden ticketing system - I have extended support for more details or questions, feel free to contact me in-world via IM's and/or notecars (my IM's will not get capped, because I receive them via e-mail as well) Thank you Gabe Gallacher
  3. Hey all, full region with rental business already established, with dedicated tenants willing to stay for long time, for sale. Occupancy rate at this time 80% - making money as we speak. Tier date on the 16th Price US$ 500 via Linden Support I'm selling it due to real life commitments - my son is sick ready for a surgery and I have no time to manage it anymore. For more details, feel free to contact me. Gabe Gallacher
  4. One homestead 3750 prims for sale full transfer - tier date on the 6th - so you'll have a full month tier paid on the 6th - full transfer with Linden ticketing system - extended support preferred for fast transfer - price US$ 250 contact in-world Gabe Gallacher for more details
  5. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: "To be honest if I were that representative I probably would have been a little less patient with you. " Re: ..As a customer support rep, you have to be patient and answer to questions coming from your customers.. It's part of your job... You probably wouldn't be very successful at this job... "She answered your questions......" Re: ..No she/he did not answered to my questions.... "....you needed to address those questions with a ticket. " Re: ...yes, I did addressed them in my ticket... "It's obvious that was not the answer you were looking for but that's t
  6. @ Thinkerer Melville ..Thank you, it really helps to know they will not become one single estate by default, unless you ask for this, like you did in your case....
  7. So I guess I should be OK, as I did exactly like you mentioned, I've added in my ticket, not only as simple comment that I really want to make sure they will be separate estates, I also gave a different name to the new estate. I was more disappointed with the response from the chat support agent - I can understand that maybe a new front line worker may not have all the answers while is still learning, but what I cannot accept is the fact that a more senior rep or a level 2 support or maybe a supervisor with more experience was not available, not in particular to chat with me, but to assist th
  8. Hey there... ...for all of you out there wondering how helpful is the live chat line with LL for support here is an example... ...maybe I should mention that I am a concierge customer since Oct. 2006 and as some of you may know already, in order to have access to "helpful" and "fast" support via live chat line from LL, you need to be a concierge level customer (and pay a minimum amount of money each and every month)... ...here is a transcript of my live chat session with a LL support representative... Chat session - Live with a Support Representative - July 14, 2011 @ 8:15
  9. ...just a friendly note... caution, the "old price" will not be honored anymore once the transfer is completed... ... all the "grandfather" sims will be upgraded to regular sims and price with the transfer to a new sim owner...
  10. ...ahh... and why is this topic here in the land forum...??...
  11. ..ahhh.... what is the "new billing fandango"... ??...
  12. ...this is absolutely correct... I would just add that is one of the main reasons owning land on a private estate - not on mainland - is a benefit, because the estate owner will charge the tier only for the time you own the land... in the moment you sell or drop your land, you will not pay the tier anymore starting with that very moment... ...maybe I should add another benefit, the fact you don't need a premium account to own land on a private estate... ...sure, some may say that there are some private estate owners out there with unethical and unfair actions, but they are the exception fro
  13. ...wow... I'm amassed to see how many replies are on this topic... but it's a good sign... ...well I have to agree in order to place your own home/skybox you need land... and there is no way you can have land - so you can place your home or sky box - and same time not to pay rent or tier fees... ...not sure what your friend is talking about telling you that they never had to pay a dime after they set up their home... maybe the landowner is allowing them to use the land and prims for free, or they have some kind of a special unique agreement in place, but someone - the landowner - is still pa
  14. ...it will help if we can see the tier date and asking price...
  15. If you're looking for a location for your new sim, in case you want to join our residential/commercial beach community, try to get in touch with me in-world via IM or note cards. In case you need ,more details overall about new sim purchase or management I may be able to help as well.
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