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  1. Randy , vocalist, musician, sound engineer, composer, arranger, is from La Spezia, Italy. With many years of performing experience, including several bands, and a new one in the works, this is newer performer is a great addiction to the SL music scene. Singing to tracks many of your favorite covers and a mixed genre. Come enjoy this energetic performer, you will be glad you did. Boo has always enjoyed singing and started approximately 5 years ago on Pal Talk where she met fellow singers who were very encouraging and suggested she try other sites like Ivlog TV. A few of her influences in
  2. hello, someone stole a part of my inventory during a show in my club last friday october 14th :( I don't know how it is possible but I lost my gowns, some casual, all gloves, hats, stockings and bikinis. My folders are empty now. I hope you'll can help me, thank sweetpea shilova
  3. merci pour votre réponse, mais que voulez vous dire par le support ? le mail que j'ai eu est un lien "no réponse"
  4. Bonjour, 4 jours apres paiement et toujours pas d'acces à mon compte est-ce normal ?
  5. comment se fait-il qu'on ne puisse avoir acces au SL gratuit si on a des difficultés pour payer l'abonnement ? est-ce normal que je n'ai toujours pas acces à mon compte, j'ai eu un mail me disant le 18 qu'ils avaient mon paiement et que normalement je pouvais y accéder :(
  6. Hello, I wonder why the site has disappeared DBC research, I spent DBC ads for 5 years and all of a sudden I do not see him while we still have a land and we organize shows each week . The owner is always JFR Beaumont. Sweetpea Shilova
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