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  1. I don't see LL treating any of it with any sense at all tbh. As for people getting creeped out about the idea of children being somewhere that the average sl user is so used to being able to do things in a care free manner, live their fantasies, sometimes even twisted fantasies (don't usually have to wander and fly very far to see that going on) I think it is a perfectly feasible reaction to not want to include them anywhere near their playing space, or even the game in general. Yes, yes...I know...they will be restricted to certain areas. But hell, how many do any of you actually think that a teen will sit with rules. The lindens aren't advertising teen sl, they are advertising the game in general. By doing so the number of underage players with their fake adult accounts will continue to grow even more rapidly than if sl for teens had never existed. The hell with technicalities, the teens themselves are the real problem. You would think that given their age they may be more interested in giving it a go at their first life rather than being on the outskirts of a twisted second one.
  2. And again, my response was similar to the concept of, you don't hand a child a weapon and just expect them to use it wisely...you tell that child that if they go anywhere near it you will place your foot in their ass. Point is, yeah alot of teens have been exposed to many things they shouldn't be, but this one is just dangled right infront of their faces with no other intentions behind it but dollar signs.
  3. I was speaking in terms of comparison. Like I said, certain acts in sl are encouraged. Your idea of having a teen becoming familiar with situations that could happen in rl just sits odd with me is all. I really wouldn't want my or anyones teen thinking that it is ok,but without saying, to enjoy the concept of an orgy or worse. My main concern ofcourse is why even bother letting kids have access to anything related to sl be it moderated or not. My guess is that the lindens see them as money in the bank, get them hooked now, they will pay for their large penises and provacative clothing later....I know people will swear up and down about how if the parent moderated their teens activities closer then those types of things wouldn't happen. But in the real world, the majority of parents who do want to prevent their child from engaging in such things, are out there making money and not able to be there to keep a watchful eye 24/7. The lindens however are the contributors in this factor. I'd like just one person to tell me that the lindens have included a teen version for anything other than adding numbers to the main game. That being said, I can't help but picture that when the concept came up, it was said "let's reach out to the younger people." and them actually sitting there plotting and thinking about putting a hook in a child for profit. I suppose if it were a cigarette ad campaign targetting younger viewers with a slogan "You know you want one...when you turn 18" people would be just as ill to the idea. Even with cigarettes, when kids see it happening, it stirs up a curiosity within, and the same could be said for all those children who heard about teen sl and later decided to decieve age limitation by creating their first fake, adult avatar.
  4. Or just do away with the teens entirely. Though that would never be possible with the lindens POV, which is "Hey! I've got an Idea! Let's build a playground next to our strip club so that the kids can just walk right over when they are old enough!"
  5. One major flaw in your claim. Normality isn't exactly on the same wave length when comparing rl to sl. In life, there are alot of things that could potentially get you arrested or beat to death but at the same time, more often than not, encouraged in the world of sl.
  6. And another thing, add like buttons so I can like that previous comment... rofl
  7. Here is my thought...how about make second life adult oriented only. What exactly is the point of allowing a teen to delve into it anyhow? Is/was "teen sl" a sort of holding cell for the teens until they are old enough to be released into a world of sex and glamour? An investment for a potential money maker at a later time? Even in a best possible scenario a kid playing "teen sl" would have to know that there is an adult version of the game, would most likely look into it and figure out for themselves that besides building and design, which directly contributes in some form to my upcoming statement, includes a game that does revolve around sex and vanity. Cheers lindens, apparently it takes alot of balls, brains, and a disregard for human decency to line your cattle in such a way for the result of endless dollar signs.
  8. So basically...what they are saying is...is that all the pedophiles are being forced to relocate to the main grid...good to know.
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