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  1. If I was to guess, It could be Lindens allows for Unicode letters and the banned word contained in the name could be emphasized. One thing you could do is speak with lindens since you are the parent and wish your child to have your last name to allow you both to enjoy SL together. I think it's great you both are enjoying SL together and linden's should encourage Parental involvement.
  2. Nope, don't know the creator, but Lyra is right. Spend time organizing and checking EACH folder, cause I have found items in the wrong folder and thought I had deleted. If you didn't accidently deleted the item (which I have done on a few occasion) you should be able to fine it. Speaking of trash, it helps to double check your trash before hitting the purge key. When I first started SL, I was lucky to have a builder inform me of this and it has saved me numerous times.
  3. I used 2.5 viewer all the time and find it works well, sure it took awhile to get accustom to the new viewer, and now find myself rarely going back to 1.23 viewer, unless I am having issues applying textures to prims, which is less frequently then when it first came out, and 1.23 has a better search engine in certain areas. But, I agree with Parrish that the new web based profiles is to large, as also the camera controls, but unsure why Bodacea controls are anchored to the bottom, I am able to drag it around anywhere on my screen. And, Yes, I still crash when uploading a texture. Think this is a great topic cause having diversity in viewer options will allow more people to enjoy Second Life best suited for them.
  4. With so many talented musicians and venue owners here it's hard to pick just one, but I lean towards open areas and prefer a mixture of genres.
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