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  1. Hi, i was sent many gift from different stores on MP too, i don't know this person and all items are in my inventory safe now. I am not sending you your items right now, waiting for Lindens decision for further investigation. https://gyazo.com/06f799b11cf7a4ff1ace1c6cac40231b https://gyazo.com/e137ed965583ae14c241111d9b0eb375 https://gyazo.com/abe29d14c5e637d955fa243a27b6a70f https://gyazo.com/34a420900cc88710bbaca38a0f4ebb84 Also this person is using my name is not me : june marais (AyakaReBorn Resident) thank you
  2. Hi ! I want to thank you Kirsten and your team once again for handling the issue and resolve it, i think marketplace is safer then ever for us resellers now:) I am sure they are working hard on this and many people might be hit so give it a little time until it is resolved. I sent my ticket on march 1 and today it is solved:) have a good one everyone
  3. hello everyone, thank you very much all who made it happen, i got my lindens back too and always ready to help in anything if you need me, hugs
  4. Well said, gift option for no copy items should be removed. I read section 4.5 of the Terms of service and it stated that Linden Lab may revoke the Linden Dollar License at any time without notice, refund or compensation in the event that: (i) the Linden Dollar program is suspended or discontinued; (ii) Linden Lab determines that fraud or other illegal conduct is associated with the holder's Account; (iii) Linden Lab imposes an expiration date on usage of Linden Dollars in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; (iv) the holder's Account is terminated for violation of these
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