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  1. Hi Katherine, I am having huge problems with this latest update also. I can't move, can't teleport, nothing at all. The veiwer is constantly crashing. When I try to take a snapshot, my camera picture box GOES CRAZY! It flips, it's flashes, then crashes the viewer. At this point, it is absolutely useless for me to even be in second Life. But I will be patient and see what happens. This is a first for these to happen. It has to be a new bug (s)! Guess a work orders due to help them know how many people are being effected. My interent connection has not changed since the day I joined.
  2. I can make a platform and position it in the sky through the edit, but how do I get up there? Thank You! GOT IT with my neighbors help! 1) build a platform set to nothing...no phantom, no physical, etc. and set its position at 64x / 64y That centers it in your land. 2) set its postion at say 1000. 3) it goes to that height. 4) build a simple block in the position where you built your platform and sit on it. 5) set the blocks position in edit at 1001. 6) it brings you up to 1 meter above your platform. 7) stand... but don't go near the edges :) 8) if you do fall off, just make another b
  3. ..get to the spice market and buy all the spices. Then, there would be none for the BBQ seasoning. Prehaps Phillips senses would awaken and he would realize that the strange woman...
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