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  1. OK Alonya knows more than me if you can't see the old homes
  2. There have been two releases of the New Linden Homes so far one in April and one on 15th May and yes they both went quickly. SL hopefully will have more available next month but in the mean time the earlier Linden Homes should still be available You may manage to get a new one if you continually refresh the Linden Homes page, if somebody gives one up but if not try again in June.
  3. I just want to say a big thank- you to Patch and the rest of the Linden team plus all the hardworking moles. I love my new houseboat and the sim I'm on and I want to get out sailing and meeting neighbours soon. Meeting people and socializing, was something I never did in my old Linden Homes. - Thank-you
  4. Off the website, waiting at the sim border is just a fun thing but can cause lag.
  5. It's a bit like waiting for the latest iPhone release, Yes you get a new home on the website, No there is no advantage hanging around the border other than you can see whats going on (at the moment nothing) and you will see if anything happens.
  6. Your welcome but to try regularly as we can expect the new ones to go very quickly.
  7. It's because their are NO new types available right now. As others have said the Lindens expect to release some new houseboats anytime after 7.00 am SLT (realistically it will be between 7.00 am- 3.00 pm SLT today. If you try the page when they are released you will see the New Houseboats listed.
  8. No he's got his eye glass in cos he is looking at a diamond for me 🤣
  9. Oh he's a good boy Abnor Mole has just mopped the muddy boot marks out of my Houseboat 😄
  10. I can't see any names on the map but Abnor Mole is removing the parcel boaundary thingies they used and Wendi Linden is buzzing around/
  11. I have got almost 10,000 cos I heard that I will get a houseboat if I get to 10,000 by the end of this week 😀 OK I KEEP IT AT AROUND 20 REALLY
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