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  1. Well thank you all for the honest feedback. Perhaps I may better use my skills in creating a Zen Therapy magazine. Articles and tools to help with whatever your needs are? Since having a clinic seems to be a dead issue I enjoy writing and I have a plethora of knowledge so that might be my little project for myself to help others. If you care to comment on that please do I welcome any constructive criticism. Warmly, Fiona
  2. I am starting a new private practice inworld and would love to take on new clients. If you are interested in setting up a consultation please contact me inworld. Fiona Serendipity
  3. I have been studying Secondlife since 2006 and now I would like to share some of my practice inworld. If people spend lindens on virtual animals to breed and so on then if they really want to see therapy why should they not be able to get that inworld as well.
  4. I would really like to build a real private practice in Secondlife as I feel many people can use talk therapy in their RL/SL lives. I need assistance in marketing and getting my practice out there if anyone has suggestions on the best marketing team/branding team. It is really important to have some stability in SL and I believe I can help those who want to be helped.
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