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  1. It isn't just the change in my appearance that's a bit unsettling, is it? That change was brought about by a change in my focus here. That, in turn, has changed your perception of not just my avatar, but of the woman in the chair who's driving it. I might be finding the change more unsettling than you.
  2. Gonna post my menagerie again... I've disturbed a few people over the years, sometimes with that menagerie.
  3. Noooo! Outside of one very bad day when I was 15, those were wonderful years for me.
  4. What about people who sneak up from behind?
  5. Inoxcro, we are residents, just like you, and have no ability to address your complaint. You have been warned to remove the name of the person from your post, as you are violating the SL Community Guidelines. Here is the relevant passage from those guidelines... "Interpersonal Disputes or Personal Negative Commentary: If you have a personal disagreement, do not post about it on the Second Life community pages. Residents who have personal differences have other channels of communication available to them — private messaging in the forums, IM within Second Life, or chatting within Second
  6. You put your foot down more than four months ago, yet are "now" still dealing with him? Esther, it looks to me like he's winning.
  7. You are simply nuts, and therefore perfect for SL. Welcome back, Rebecca. We need you!
  8. If you do re-sign to get a new UUID, don't you dare tell me what it is. I'll find something naughty in it that will haunt you for the rest of your life. I've demonstrated my ability to do that, so don't test meeeee!
  9. Be is the periodic table symbol for Beryllium, which has a density (when liquid) of .69g/cm3 greater than water (when liquid). Although my Father was 50 when I was born, he declared he was "39" and holding. He kept that up until he got tired of hearing me say "You look like crap for a man of 39, what the hell have you been doing to yourself?" and switched to "69 and holding" when he turned 69. He continued 2 be 69 until his death at the age of 88. Had he made it 11 more years, he'd have made it to b 99, 2 be 69. I think you're reading this all wrong, Rebecca. It's a lovely UUID (whic
  10. I've been text-chatting most of my life, having learned to type on a computer keyboard when very young. Dad had a minicomputer with two terminals, one in his office and another in his machine shop, which he used to design and make things. I was not to disturb him while he was working, but quickly discovered that he'd answer if I typed something at the keyboard of whichever terminal he was not at. I was hooked. He and I had countless chats, big and small, over the years, continuing the practice nearly until his death. When I went off to college, I chatted with classmates on the university
  11. Why are you treating this as theoretical? You have done it and you are awful at it.
  12. So, what's the takeaway from all this?
  13. The evidence absolutely surrounds me, and refutes your claim that freedom and equality are natural. So you cite a wiki page about moral frameworks that support freedom and equitability (the entire idea of "rights" as espoused by Epicurianism, Stoicism, Catholicism, etc) while insinuating that moral frameworks are arbitrary and perhaps in conflict with the things they promote? The irony is strong in you, Chromal.
  14. As I explained in a previous post, I don't think we're more vain here. Maddy looks better than me because it's so effortless to be pretty here. I take the path of least resistance. I'd have to spend hours and dollars to make Maddy as grungy and haggard as I look on a good day in RL.
  15. Judging by my efforts to "educate" my 26 year old emergency backup son, who's got a good heart and a thick skull... a skabillion. ETA: It's frustrating, but he's worth the effort.
  16. It is different. I spent years in our local community theater, where I encountered many actors. Few of them were really good at the backstage banter I so enjoy. I was as likely to find engaging people making props or building sets and eventually gravitated in that direction because of my skillset and love of improv. I developed a "character" during my time there, and was known for my dark humor as I imagined every possible disaster that might befall our little troupe on our way to opening night. The best of the banterers jumped right in and co-imagined a world of utter chaos. I well remember t
  17. Isn't "free and equitable" a moral framework?
  18. I don't think morality is at all different here, Pearl. SL simply affords us the opportunity to do and be things we can't in RL. Anyone who's known me for long is well aware that I'm likely to set them on fire sooner or later. That's something I'd never do in RL. They also know that my silly antics convey affection, exactly as they do in RL. The underlying morality is exactly the same but the expression is different. I'm no more vain here than in RL. In RL you'll usually find me wearing jeans, deck shoes and a paint stained sweatshirt. Here you won't find a paint stain anywhere and I'm of
  19. Myers-Briggs style tests hold little interest for me these days. I've taken so many over the years that I can put my self in any of its 16 boxes with ease. If I were to average test results over time and space, I'd end up as (IIRC) XNXP, where "X" puts me right on the fault line between the sides of that particular characteristic. I've also discovered, unsurprisingly, that my surroundings have considerable impact on my position on the 16 square grid. If you put me in a room full of quiet introverts, I'll be the first to start drawing them out. If you put me in a room full of extroverts, I'll b
  20. Agreed. I'm a natural introvert with a deep appreciation for the value of extroversion. My in-world profile says "Your seeing this may mean I've taken a rare trip out into a populated place. Don't let me miss the opportunity to meet you!" That line has served me well over the years (as has my mention of Richard Feynman). When I spot someone interesting, I often chat them up using something of interest in their profile as the seed for conversation. Not every introduction goes well, but most do and the results are usually quite pleasant. A few of those blossom into something long lasti
  21. I often wake in the morning with solutions to the previous day's problems. I also wake in the night with "brilliant ideas" bursting out of my brain. I'd forget them by morning, so many years ago I placed a notebook and pencil on my nightstand. I gave that up quickly when, by dawn's early light, I discovered that the few notes I could actually read were utter nonsense. A couple years ago, I got the daytime brilliant idea to record my nocturnal mental emissions on my iPhone. I gave that up even faster. Spooky indeed.
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