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  1. What excites me as a programmer when it comes to Second Life is the vast [often ignored] potential of web interfacing of Second Life creations; the ability to track and remotely manipulate Second Life objects, avatars, and currency. Much of what we see today on the grid is a compilation of beautiful design and terrible accounting, leaving much to be desired when it comes to external control and management of inventory, users, and associated data. The scope of what's possible when the bulk of the grunt work is handled by an external server rather than local scripts is awe inspiring, comparable to how phone apps behave for cellular devices. Version control, updating, content management, user preferences... the list goes on. Second Life has recently moved into the direction of building smarter LSL tools for the development of dynamic AI (albeit crude and unrefined without a deeper understanding of true gaming AI). The future of this platform turns the user into less of an observer of a static and predictable grid and more of a participant of an interactive and intuitive world, full of rich AI performing tasks, making decisions, working together, learning and shaping their own evolution, all the while creating a unique experience parallel to what you'd expect to find in most other video games. My "job" has traditionally been to inspire creativity and realize the dreams of my clients, with a concerted effort to avoid roles such as "merchant" or "salesman". I've created my share of "Second Life millionaires" and helped build equity on a person to person basis with the only desire to keep on working, teaching, and exploring new possabilities as they become available to us. In order to realize my own dream, however, i need the funding to continue working full time here in Second Life. I don't actively promote myself, my work, or my vision.. i've survived almost 6 years by word of mouth and it's been very rewarding. However, i want in on something big. I'm someone who lives for code optimization, results cacheing, and mind boggling concurrency rates. We're able to do some serious stuff that traditional programmers and game devs can only dream of (or rather have nightmares of), of course this also means you gotta have the hardware to support the load. When you consider the plausibility of thousands of unique, scripted objects acting to serve a single purpose with indecernable accuracy and precision, it begs the question, why arent more developers in on this? edit: syntax
  2. Howdy folks, I've been a resident of this virtual world for about 6 yrs now and have built everything from games to vehicles and all the silly little gadgets you can imagine. I open sourced much of my work and built a bit of a reputation along the way, playing a major role in several official SL events. Last year, after polishing off my bajillionth SL vendor system, i started what has evolved into an LSL library for the development of breedable pets. ( You can see the project here: http://eco.takecopy.com ) Short story shorter, i put in over 2000 hours on the project, and as RL finances tanked, i have to step it back to support-only for the next week or so to take on custom work in order to afford our bills ( rent / internet / elec ). At which point i have a fun list of extensions and videos to produce, but that's if i dont run out of coffee or lose my apartment first. So in the off chance there are individuals or groups which may need a highly experienced "Web2SL" developer to build their dream project, i'm available and eager to take it on at a fair rate. Please keep in mind i can't afford the time to do the small stuff right now, plus i could use a challenge. Contact me in-world or via the offline support form on my site which hits my phone/email the moment you click "Send".
  3. The eco breeds pet scripts would work perfect for you! You can easily disable breeding as well as food/hunger and dozens of other features of the core code. There isnt anything this code can't do and it's constantly improving. Check out the docs site to see what ecos can do : http://eco.takecopy.com
  4. For this reason and more, the eco-project was developed to expand the "breedable-pet" market to everyone in Second Life. The code itself can handle an infinite number of simulations ranging from pets with gimmicky accessories to entire eco-systems of reproducing food sources and predator/prey simulations, as well as huntable animals for role players and easy-to-develop extensions for coders who want to contribute to the project while earning an income with a highly documented system. I urge everyone interested in developing their own 'breedables' to read up on it and think about how you can change the game from a cornered market of profit driven authoritarians to a community driven platform of exciting and easy to impliment eco-breeds.
  5. For a more advanced system: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Takecopy/2141479 These vendors are a result of 6 years of vendor evolution. There is an easy to use web-based dashboard for organzing inventory, transactions, and vendors. You can assign commissions and profit splits. Rich with statistics and free to try. A major plus is that they provide receipts for each purchase and show a server status when a customer checks product information. Besides that, there are video tutorials at http://takecopy.com/ to get your started!
  6. Check out the 'eco-breeds' script stack. Sounds like it's what youre looking for :]
  7. If you create your own animals, there is a user-friendly script stack for developing breedable pets called 'eco-breeds'.
  8. Hello Duke, I am currently wrapping up a breeder source code-project. From the about page: The 'eco' breed code provides a fast and concise LSL library that simplifies event handling, prim animations, and avatar interactions for rapid virtual pet development. This full featured LSL framework is lightweight and built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily scale-able design for adding features to physical and non-physical animals, pets, and other creations. To join the closed BETA, let me know some time this week, those who join the testing team and provide good feedback will recieve a discount on the final release.
  9. When will Second Life developers fix the "initializing vfs" fail? I've deleted 'appdata' cache and fresh installed the new 3.0.0.x viewer and the viewer still crashes on subsequent logins. I've been repeating this process for weeks without any luck. I've been using the pheonix viewer because the official viewer does not work. I use a modern computer which handles many other high-end software/gaming platforms, yet second life is not an option. When will you support this bug SL?
  10. As noted, this is something that would need to be done by a professional [to be done correctly - physics, animations, interactions, trait tracking, lifespan/hunger progression, etc] with experience in gaming algo and database/web design. I'm perhaps one of the more available programmers for the job and i've developed scalable web apps for several social sites like takecopy.com for secondlife and redditups.com for reddit. Due to the extent of a breedables project (which ive done a lot of coding for) the cost of development would be several thousand USD (2-3) and require hosting for the db. I'm sure smaller scale development is possible [timers and events], but i dont do anything small. I'm open for high end development work, yet i'm holding out for more serious inqueries.
  11. That's what i do. I am fluent in lsl (second life's scripting language) php, javascript, mysql, java, [edit: and of course, XML] and i can help ya develop ideas for both front end, back end, SL scripts, iPhone apps, Android apps.. let me know! i created http://takecopy.com which is a fully functional web2SL ecommerce app for in world vending. I'm also developing several unique SL related APIs and a scripting language for SL.
  12. Hey folks, I'll be designing the tour ride again this year!! Lot's of ideas and rumors have spread as to what the tour object will be, and this may well remain a secret until the week prior to opening day, but ideas and contributions are very much welcome at this stage. I also have some exciting new technologies that can be used to help exhibitors promote their parcel during the tour cycle, and i look forward to leaking more details in the coming weeks. Your input and ideas are welcome!
  13. Sandbox - where we build/play (right) Playground - free butterflies for guests and some inventory displays using my web vendors (left / center) specs: 4096 with an adjacent 2048 for prims. The neighboring region (left) has a lovely land wall which has been raised for years; ever since i, regrettably, taught her how to terraform selected land. (vs. using bulldozer) Lot's of history with this parcel. At one point it had an airstrip that auto rezzed a plane that would take off from 'crimson', fly above the clouds, heading ~12 regions south and landing (unannounced) at 'abbotts' airfield. It would taxi to the end, take off and land safely back in 'crimson'. We (friends & i) used to take that ride ~ every morning for weeks. Ah, digital nostalgia.
  14. Idea contributor, here. I'm currently working on a public (not completely open source) web-app for second life to help users create unique breeding, growing, evolving creatures and pets. If you, or anyone else is interested in giving their input or would like to be a part of this project, contact me in-world.
  15. I'm the creator of http://takecopy.com send me a message in world if you'd like help with your code.
  16. I wouldn't mind paying for exposure, but im a bit shocked there isnt a place to talk about second life on a second life forum. Thank you for your time and advice.
  17. I posted a thread in 'Commerce>Merchants' promoting a service for merchants but it was removed for advertising, oops. I must have been mistaken: "Discussion area for inworld and Marketplace merchants to exchange business and marketing ideas." sounds like a perfect place to talk about a new marketing and ecommerce tool for SL merchants. I am sorry to offend, but before i re-post my lengthy thread, can someone suggest a better place to put an 'advertising' thread? I came to THIS section because Off-topic claims to be: "A great place for general discussions about Second Life that don't fit into another category." So please be nice, im not a SL forum guru, just a coder that wants to show off something he's worked on for the past year.
  18. This would be all you'd need: //We're saving the keys to be sure people can only touch once. //To avoid running out of memory, the list must be cleared occassionally or at least trimmed. //This is accomplished, in this script, by resetting after set period of timeinteger reset_list=86400;//reset list after one day (in seconds)list touched;default{touch_start(integer total_number){key id = llDetectedKey(0);if(llListFindList(touched,[id])==-1){touched+=[id];llGiveInventory(id,llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,(integer)llFrand(llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT))));}if(llGetTime()>=reset_list){llResetScript();}//clear list | restart script time }}
  19. That would look something like this: *additionally, you could add a little something to randomize positive AND negative distances integer random=5;//swim timerinteger totalpoints =5;//number of random save points integer distance = 5; list points =[];swim(){ vector swimpoint=llList2Vector(points,(integer)llFrand(llGetListLength(points))); llLookAt(swimpoint,0.6,4.7); llSleep(1.2); llMoveToTarget(swimpoint,8.0); llSetTimerEvent(llFrand(random));} getpoints(){integer i; for(i=0;i<totalpoints;i++){ vector pos=llGetPos(); points+=<pos.x+llFrand(distance),pos.y+llFrand(distance),pos.z+llFrand(distance)>; } }default{on_rez(integer p){llResetScript();} state_entry(){getpoints();llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS,TRUE);swim();}timer(){swim();}}
  20. I have a great collection of animal scripts that ive created. Find me in-world for specifics or check out the bulk package here on the marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/First-Class-Developer-Pack-Advanced-Creature-Code/1917547 For a free version, try: integer random=5;//swim timer//global vectors - wanders within these pointslist points = [<84,61,50>,<83,62,50>,<82,63,50>,<81,64,50>];swim(){ vector swimpoint=llList2Vector(points,(integer)llFrand(llGetListLength(points))); llLookAt(swimpoint,0.6,4.7); llSleep(1.2); llMoveToTarget(swimpoint,8.0); llSetTimerEvent(llFrand(random));}default{state_entry(){llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS,TRUE);swim();}timer(){swim();}}
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