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  1. What you think happens when MeWe runs out of the $10mil budget they have? What you think happens when users don't pay all the monthly fees they have, like chat? Where do you think the money to keep running will come from? Data storage alone would get costly People will either leave for better Or company will find other method for revenue I know money doesn't come from thin air Same applies to other social media sites too Eventually the free ride comes at a cost If you not paying it, who is? FB started out the very same way, btw Took them a
  2. Pretty sure whole thread was started as ad for OP and OP's biz Revenue is whole purpose for all social media From their POV, not users If people think other social media sites don't sell or use info, they're not smart. All of them need to make revenue some way, specially when they have free accounts Saying they don't spy is not the same as not sharing your info Or ways for your info to be shared automatically Ad revenue works well, but still needs some user info to work right
  3. Do you know everyone? No? Then you can't be right. Tons of people still passionate about creating Maybe you're not Some people aren't anymore, it's ok But you're not everyone either I love building and creating I do it all for fun and let others enjoy things, too
  4. Some great ones have left Always been the case Since day one Nothing can stop that from happening Lots more great places been built too though All free, not advertising, not businesses or clubs Maybe you need to get out more To see them
  5. Any attention is good attention Apparently People be better off ignoring Exact opposite of what she wants
  6. People still do Lots of them When's last time you paid cover charge to enter a sim?
  7. Also, not what you asked You asked if keeping your bits under your skirt should've been good enough It wasn't Because it didn't follow a rule No mater how stupid Your bits weren't hidden They were under a short skirt On display You complied when asked All good
  8. Didn't say you didn't Didn't say it wasn't I said what others think doesn't matter That's true In end, the rules land owners and ll make matter But that's it Even if some rules are stupid Lots probably are
  9. If have to be asked more than twice To put clothes on Or take bits off Or get booted because you don't You're doing something wrong Common sense isn't very common
  10. Their land, their rules Doesn't matter what anyone else says Even if wording wasn't great Doesn't matter LL also says Their land, their rules Don't know why people pander to certain posters with kid gloves Usual answer is Their land, their rules
  11. Guys do read forums too Those answers won't get any man interested He'll realize quick you just like to argue and always be right and just want money Have a few buds that are sugar daddies They get rid of girls with attitudes fast They don't want to meet needs of that, not worth it Good luck on your search tho They're out there
  12. Told ya, goes there all the time. She's a regular at that sim, and lots of sims like it. She's not a victim of anything, she participates all the time.
  13. Dude's a douche, get rid of all signs of him. These kinds of things always go south, never ends well. Ignore him, I'm sure he'll find someone else to pester. From now on pay attention to warning signs, you'll save yourself a lot. I've been there. Had a girl like that once, had to learn my own lessons too. I'm all the better for it now.
  14. That's a hell of a lot of work and rl hours for no pay. You make money off people working for you, why would you not pay them? That's pretty damn rude, def. not ethical. No wonder ppl keep saying all the jobs they find are *****ty when I point them here.
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